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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Steel Structure Building
Oct 21, 2016


1. greatly save construction time, construction is not affected by seasonal effects;
2. increase residential area, reducing construction waste and environmental pollution;
3. reusable building materials, promote the development of other new building materials industries;
4. seismic performance, and ease of modification, in the use of flexible, bring comfort to people and so on;
5. high strength, light weight components high safety margin, reducing building costs;
6. consistent with national sustainable development strategies, low carbon, green,environmental protection, energy-saving lamps is supported by the State key industries.
7. heat-resistant non fire-resistant, surface coating fire retardant paint;
8. surface coating anticorrosion coatings, to reduce or avoid corrosion and improve durability.
Due to the non-renewable land resources, Ministry of construction, has banned the use of traditional clay brick, at the same time, China's steel output has reached 10
Million tons, the glut has forced steel companies another way to introducing foreign mature steel construction residential building system, and found a new outlet for construction and steel industries, therefore, steel and building material enterprises walk in the forefront of steel structure residential building.
Heat-resistant non-fire-resistant; vulnerability to corrosion