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Advantages Of Container Housing
Oct 21, 2016

One, convenient transportation, especially for regular replacement of the construction unit;
Second, strong and durable, made up entirely of steel, has a strong seismic and deformation capacity;
Three, good sealing performance, strict manufacturing processes so that housingactivity has very good water-tightness;
Four, activities based on standard steel chassis, you can derive a lot of space. Such as meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Standard width of 2.4 meters, a height of 2.2 meters, 4 meters to 12 meters in length.
Five easy Assembly and disassembly, superior performance, stable and solid, shock-proof performance, waterproof fireproof anti-corrosion, light weight. Housing as a whole, within the frame, wall plates, wood finishes that are available, the overallmigration, service life of up to 20 years.