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Automatic Welding With Manual Welding Technology Of Steel Grid Structure
Oct 21, 2016

Automatic welding with manual welding technology of steel grid structure comparison:

1. reduce labor intensity. Traditional manual production, welders to welding posture for 8 hours, and always observe the welding conditions, work tensions. Automatic welding machine, only workers simple action buttons and be accountable at theend of each pipe welding welding machine loading and unloading of workpieces,and day. In the automatic welding machine need to be observed only during the welding process the welding quality, automatic welding technology allows operatives who partly in a State of relaxation, worker fatigue drastically. Worker overtime available, and many teams rested easy.

2. products quality upgrade: traditional manual welding process for steam insurance welding, welding quality and workers of skilled degrees, and fatigue degrees, and responsible is related joint of, workers income more for piece, quality is not stable of, and automatically welding machine as long as according to need set good voltage, and current, data and the prepared good of artifacts quality same, welding out of quality is completely consistent of, very stable. Sampling time can save a lot of quality. To further enhance production efficiency, due to mechanical control and automatic welding, welds look neat in appearance, are more susceptible to owners of all ages.

3. production capacity: first, use the automatic welding machine, original hand-welding production line for each group of 4 welders can operate both automatic welding machine. By comparison, manual welding processes 4 skilled welders who can process the grid bar a day on average, 10-12 tons, and automatic welding process, 2 welders, skilled workers can produce 7-9 tons per day. Automated production machinery is about 1.5 times in the past, efficiency has been greatly increased.After a brief training and new employees quickly become familiar with t at the same time reduce labor intensity, so that workers can shift rotation system possible. For the factory to take a sudden increase of production becomes a reality, the processing capacity of the plant is expanding rapidly.

4. lower cost: line production does not change, two 8 manual production workersproduction could be completed in only 6 operator and operator demand for quality low d welder, piece rate or salary is lower than the welder. Wage costs will helpus resist the growing labor market costs. Investment in equipment investment, butyou can rely on excess capacity is rapidly recovering costs, to reduce the cost of production in the long run.