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Development mode of steel structure building
Oct 21, 2016

    Energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and industry. A few yearsafter the 20th century, urban residential construction completed 440 million squaremeters per year, output value of 600 billion yuan (about GDP9%), the rapid development of residential industry has become a new growth point in the national economy in the new century. Realization of housing industry modernization, solve residential construction there are low levels of industrialization, low rates of parts andmaterial for residential use low grade, low life expectancy, high energy consumption of solid clay brick, is not conducive to environmental protection and other issues, has been included in the urgent problems to be solved in the new century.

   China's construction industry requires an industry-wide study on application of steel structure in building a new system, expanding the scope of its application and develop multi-storey steel structure building. Internationally, the United States designers and architects attach great importance to study of metal structure and durability, practicality and economy, the European experts, steel green building conditions, that is, for the benefit of the protection of the environment, energy conservationbuilding. They believe the metal structure has a good sense of space and to achieve innovative planning and design, construction, not only residential uses, more consideration should be given to creating a comfortable space, energy-saving space. Japan 1998 59 million tons of steel, structural steel, 13% steel in structural steelaccounted for a large proportion of Hong Kong apartment buildings stand everywhere. Taiwan earthquake, apparent is superior to steel building reinforced concrete buildings from earthquake damage, ordinary multi-storey houses almost all collapsed to the ground, while homes built of steel structure didn't collapse, Taiwan authorities have requested the multi-story building are to steel structures. Pilot of high-rise residential and high-rise steel structures, starting from Tianjin. Tianjin takes three different structures, different wall materials and construction method for different programmes. Start a pilot project of the size of more than 200,000 square meters. One of them is the use of concrete-filled square steel Tubular column with large Bay structure second using steel truss structure forms its use of concrete-filled steel tubular structures. Three square meters of the structure of steel consumptionis less than the amount of steel in reinforced concrete structure. In Qingdao, Shanghai and Xinjiang have pilot in a certain area of housing projects listed.

    Due to China's "steel House" has just started, many structures are unable to mass production, and therefore, the steel structure will be more expensive than concretestructures. Beijing Jin Chen apartment units calculated that, although steel prices overall are still relatively high, but because of the short duration, less energy consumption, using high quality grades improve, so cost is not high, but, since this is thefirst steel structure residential building demonstration project in Beijing, therefore,suppliers providing steel parts at the best possible price, total cost of concrete structures.