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Green Building Respected Broad Prospects For Steel Structure Residence
Oct 21, 2016

    At present, the warm air of the policy of building new towns all over the country, urbanization is where the greatest potential to boost domestic demand in the current economic situation, China is an important carrier of comprehensive constructionof well-off society and development.

    Compared to traditional construction, light weight, overall solid, short constructionperiod, long service life, are becoming integrated house advantage of steel structure. And its fire protection, sound insulation, moisture and other properties are better. And current national development of steel structures and prefabricated buildings called coincide.

In addition, China Steel overcapacity, many steel companies failing market situation, an urgent need for the construction of a new way to solve the current situationof overcapacity in steel, so the popularity of steel structure residential building forcountries leverage domestic demand, promote the healthy development of the steel industry also has a very deep meaning.

    Steel structure project implementation in line with the level of economic development, therefore, urbanization will provide the industry with huge development potential. Infrastructure to advance the implementation of the strategy, in the city and along the country's huge potential market in China, attracted by throws many steel enterprises to "go out" thinking. In addition, the steel industry should promote thedevelopment of steel structure residential building of the State as the starting point, vigorously promote the application of steel structure in the field of infrastructure.

    Predictable is that steel building in China in the coming years will enter the qualityand efficiency, and an important period of development, future development remains strong, still a good prospect. Enterprises should keep up with the country's economic strategy-oriented, adapt to, and actively seek their breakthrough and transformation and upgrading.