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How To Avoid Problems With Substandard Steel Steel Grid
Oct 21, 2016

In the steel space frame construction process, are very important to buy steel, steel quality will directly affect the quality of construction work, so to fight substandardsteel measures, let me not qualified to produce steel causes and prevention measures for understanding.

Steel structure truss steel quality problem occurs because

1) did not follow the normal standard in the purchase process, if there is no auditthe quality of dealer products, purchased large quantities of steel products and steel castings

2) select the steel's mechanical properties and chemical compositions do not meetstate requirements, or forged proof of an inferior product.

3) purchase of steel without quality manual, meaning that poor-quality steel.

4) steel quality problems during the transport process.

Quality problems of steel grid control measures

1) for steel products in the procurement process for dealer after acceptance of the product is required to do a lot of purchasing, through a series of formal procedures meet the procurement requirement, preventing the purchase of substandardsteel products.

2) steels and welded process on the selection of a match occurs, note in the purchase of lamellar tearing when steel issues.

3) in the product during the transport of steel are to be protected to avoid welding material consumption.

4) according to the batch stacking to prevent steel corrosion, and directly affects the quality of steel, must be sampled in accordance with the relevant standards.5) strictly in accordance with the criteria for acceptance to buy steel, the steel musthave proof of purchase, and meet the design standards, compound the country'sstandards.6) in the grid steel purchasing process to note on the chemical composition, mechanical components were set up and, if necessary, test the processing technology,whether the products meet the qualifying standard.