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Introduction To Container House
Oct 21, 2016

Container House is a building system impact fashion trends, from anywhere at any time to move to different places, to bring even more comfort. By photovoltaic panels are available for indoor electricity, solar heating, water supply, indoor showers,water purification of emissions from sewage treatment systems, to use again. According to the number of different sizes of container housing can be made.

The so-called habitable containers, or trailers of a. This container to lease to the site of factory workers lived, there are also private purchase and lease conditions. Habitable container's biggest advantage is cheap. 3x6-meter container, rental priceis 6 Yuan/day, takes just 180 yuan a month, the year 2160. If you want to purchase,at $ 10,000 each, and can be customized according to buyer demand.Social housing supply strained or purchaser under limited circumstances, to develop "living containers" is the effective way to solve the housing problems of low-income earners in the future.

Overpopulation and constant movement became a symbol of modern life, and natural disasters hit so many people homeless. Traditional housing concept is outdated, people were also inspired by this ' new thinking of their living space. Using containers to build a House is one of a new, green it, save time and effort, very flexible, unlike the traditional housing to provide homes for more choices, individuals, families, or even a community need, houses can be made of a steel box full of fashion, is very friendly to the environment.