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Latest Information On Container Housing
Oct 21, 2016

    New York "special guest Lou (Lot-ek)" Designing companies develop and manufacture "combined household unit" is a 40-foot-long container. Entire unit using all recycled industrial materials. This is housing specially designed like globe-trotting fans, owners traveling with the car drag "housing" facilities in either simple or luxurious, fully in accordance with the master to create.

    In the Netherlands, containers are used to give the students built a 1000-room apartment, which became the world's largest container housing in Amsterdam city. This is a Netherlands Government participation in large projects, started in 2006, solves the problem of local university students housing. Such quarters not only look trendy, also provided a general hostel can provide all the necessary facilities, roofrainwater drainage, heat dispersion and isolation facilities are also readily available.

    United Kingdom urban planning organization containers as housing component toflexible application in 2001 and built the London Docklands a new "City"-"containercity" (Container City).

Because demand for eco-friendly materials into housing in the area is very urgent,so in 2002, and close proximity to the building of a new "City". Architect nigulasi·leixi are not wedded to a single container into a single housing concept. Under the bold innovations with colleagues, and containers flexibly combined and built a newand more practical living and working places

   In China, such a case is not without precedent: on August 29, 2008, the Group invested more than 10 million Yuan to build "container schools"-the combination containerized yanmen Center in Wenchuan County school campus completed in Wenchuan. The combined campuses of the first container, can effectively solve the disaster area is about more than 1050 students live and study needs. In Ningbo, containerHouse gathering has developed a prototype of the community.