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On The Container Housing Considerations
Oct 21, 2016

Pay attention to fire prevention

Fire is the current construction is often the thing, if you are using the container House bubble color plates, and then also have to pay attention to fire prevention.

1, do not welding near the wall construction;

2, winter heating the stove should be installed fire fighting equipment;

3, the need for a waterproof container the housing is strictly prohibited in the housing materials used a blowtorch;

4, Interior line should be used for laying metal pipes, refractory tubes should be reliable grounding or. Also through the wall should also be interpreted with protection casing;

Ground fixed

Color steel plate container weight is lighter than all-steel construction, when we are in class 8 Gale might be blown, potentially dangerous, the experts recommended, when using color-steel container should be like building steel, fix the bottom ofthe device. In inland areas is not serious, but in the coastal cities of China, often attacked by typhoons, container House mobile homes need to be fixed.

Prohibit three

We often see on the site, there are 3 layers of color steel plate, for color-steel container House, but, because of their relatively light, 3 containers stacked together, have the potential to have a big security risk.