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Steel Structure Housing What Is Out Of The Ordinary
Oct 21, 2016

    Steel structure residential building itself is a fine building of eco-friendly. A 24-story high-rise, concrete construction, its long pillar at about 1 m using steel construction, on the premise of meeting safety standards, by optimizing and fine design, whose pillar is 0.5 m long, one-fourth of the section as a whole accounted for only the former. Optimization of space, reduces cost, which are superior to the former.
    Steel structure architecture design, designers of fine design, on the premise of safeguarding security, optimization optimization as possible, taking into account safety factors, economic environment, achieve a beautiful, safe, economic optimum combination of all three. Steel low cost one-third lower than with concrete buildings of the scale of construction fast construction time concrete construction of two-thirds; insulation, thermal insulation and shock effect, to raise the area 5%~8%, and so on.