Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Steel Structure poultry houses have a longer life span.Steel's strength and non-combustible qualities enable a steel building to better withstand fires,earthquakes,hurricanes and other devastating events.Steel surface is easy to be cleaned and disinfected.Steel structure can bear more load and creates greater clear spans, offer lowering cost per square foot and enabling the use of automatic catching equipment.

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Basic Information:

Country: Philippines

Project: 150x17.4x2.4m  2 sets steel fabricated chicken shed

Built Year: 2015

Wall panel:  50mm rock wool sandwich panel

Roof panel: 50mm rock wool sandwich panel

Door: 2x2.1m, 1.2x1.8m, 0.9x2.12m sandwich panel door

Installation: client make installation by local team

All shed design and construction meet equipment design which can keep the shed good insulation and air exchange

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