Poultry Farm Shed Design and Construction for the Housing of Broilers

Poultry Farm Shed Design and Construction for the Housing of Broilers

With wide experience and expertise, DIRECTOR develops, manufactures, and trades the best quality poultry farm shed design and construction for the housing of broilers. As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in this field, we can offer you a competitive price. Now, please rest assured...

Product Details


Project description

Buildings designed and constructed for the housing of BROILERS ON FLOOR, incorporating best practice construction techniques and finishes.


Tunnel ventilated with curtain system, “clean skin” design, with no exposed internal rafters, trusses or Beams


Note: Photos and drawings in the present offer are not contractual. Drawings will be finalized upon order confirmation.


Steel structure

chicken house 30.jpg

The structure is in High Tensile Steel, 100 % galvanized

Q345B Q 235 steel grade

Z450 gr/m² for anchorages and brackets

Z275 gr/m² for all others steel parts.

The structure is fully assembled with bolts and nuts and does not involve welding on site.

The structure includes: columns, beams, trusses, purlins, wind bracing, gable reinforcement and all connection parts.

Spacing between columnscan be tailored.

On each gable, a frame in H section  to reinforce the gable.


Foundations by Director Group, Steel footing casted.


The structure is calculated and designed to support the suspended equipment.



Roof, ceiling, insulation

ROOF is fixed on the purlins. Roof pitch: 10%(can be customized)

Corrugated Pre-Painted Galvanized sheets (opptional)



Flat ceiling


-  eave height

Corrugated Pre-Painted Galvanized sheets((opptional))


INSULATION by PU/EPS/Glass wool/ Rock wool sandwich panel

Thickness: 50mm,75mm,100mm,150mm


Insulation value: 


Endwalls, sidewalls

FRONT GABLE is composed of sandwich panels sitting on high concrete wall.

Polyurethane (PUR) /Glass wool/EPS sandwich panels.

Colour: white grey /Red/Blue

Insulation value: 

GB B (fire retardant)


PARTITION composed of sandwich panels sitting on  concrete wall.from the front gable.

 Service room 

Polyurethane (PUR)/EPS/Glass Wool  sandwich panels. Colour: 9010 RAL (white)


Insulation value: 

GB B (fire retardant)

Fixed window INCLUDED.


REAR GABLE is composed of sandwich panels sitting on 1250px high concrete wall.

Polyurethane (PUR) /EPS/Glass Woolsandwich panels. Colour: 9010 RAL (white)

Insulation value:

GB B (fire retardant)

1 Frame in C-profile to reinforce the gable and accommodate  fans.


SIDEWALLS are designed for curtain system. Curtains and mechanism supplied by others.

-  sandwich panels for wall 

-  wiremesh opening

- 0.50 m/1.5m  high concrete wall

Interior sidewall height from floor to eave: 



All doors on sidewalls and gables are of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel with a frame in

galvanized steel. The doors are insulated and airtight.

Dog house

Double corridor of 1.6m x 24m at either sidewall with reservation for cooling pad.

Roof extension of 1.80 m from sidewall line to protect and shade the pad

External wiremesh protection

2 x PA door per corridor for maintenance


Structural calculation and Installation

Building structure is designed to withstand:

Equipment load

Snow load

Wind load

Structure calculation certified by GB.

Upon confirmation of the project we will supply:

- Footing position, load on footings and concrete column position for foundation design by civil


- Structural calculation endorsed by our engineering office for construction approval.


Client responsibilities

Client appointed engineer shall be responsible for the foundation design based on DFX provided

footing loads. Soil test report shall be carried out by client appointed engineer.

All civil works on site are to be carried out by client appointed contractor based on DFX

foundation layout including site clearance, levelling, excavation, stabilization, compaction, drainage,

sewage, etc. and other scope of works not specified by DFX.

Installation is to be carried out by client appointed contractor under management of DFX


Client shall provide our supervisor with suitable accommodation, meals and ground transport during

the installation period. In case any supervision extension is requested by the client, a charge of

USD250/day will be applied as well as addition air fare for this period.

Client shall be responsible for all related fees and approvals from local design office including

submission of drawings for construction with endorsement.

All insurance coverage related to scope of works and all activities carried out on site shall be

undertaken by the client.

Manuscopic forklift, cranes, scaffoldings, tools and other machinery and equipment necessary to

unload materials as well as carry out installation works onsite shall be prepared by the client.

DFX will be providing the relevant tool list.

The site shall be equipped with temporary electricity supply, lighting and water. The client is required

to prepare proper access road including covered storage facilities onsite for the building materials.

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