Poultry House Design for Layers in Kenya Farm

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Poultry House Design For Layers In Kenya Farm

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This Poultry House design is made with light weight steel structrue instead of the traditional reinforced concrete. structure. The main frame is constructed with painted or galvanized H section steel beam and columns and galvanized c section or steel pipe. It is easy to assemble and can be installed in a short period. It uses pitched roof beam structure, solid and stable. There is no column in the middle which increases the usage area. It has an open interior and can hold thousands of chickens at the same time. The roof can be constructed with sandwich panels, ensuring the thermal insulation of the Poultry House. In conjunction with evaporative cooling pads and fans, the humidity and temperature can be reasonably controlled. 

Main component

Main steel frame

H section steel beam and columns, painted or galvanized, galvanized c section or steel pipe

Secondary frame

Hot dip galvanized c purlin , steel bracing , tie bar , knee brace , edge cover etc.

Roof panel

EPS/glass wool/rock wool/PU sandwich panel or steel sheet

Wall panel

sandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet

Tie rod

circular steel tube


round bar

Knee brace

angle steel

Roof gutter

color steel sheet


PVC pipe


sliding sandwich panel door or rolling metal door


PVC/aluminum alloy window


Post feet bolts, intensive bolt , intensive bolt


According to the pack list made by our engineer


we can make the design and quotation according to your require or your drawing

Product Pictures

chicken house.jpg

Different Panels

Sandwich panel 1.jpg

Steel material

main part.jpg

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