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Fireproof and Insulated Steel Fiber Glass Wool Sandwich Panel for Wall

Fireproof and Insulated Steel Fiber Glass Wool Sandwich Panel for Wall

Easy Installation of Fiber Glass Wool Metal faced Sandwich Panel for Wall Product Description Fiber Glass Wool Sandwich Wall or Ceiling Panel Fiber glass wool composite boards mainly made from fiber glass,they melt into fibers under high temperature.Then they are consolidated with a moderate...

Product Details

Easy Installation of Fiber Glass Wool Metal faced Sandwich Panel for Wall  

Product Description     


Fiber Glass Wool Sandwich Wall or Ceiling Panel 
Fiber glass wool composite boards mainly made from fiber glass,they melt into fibers under high temperature.Then they are consolidated with a moderate amount of adhesives.With good fire resistance,they belong to new fireproofing materials in the category of coreboards.Their weight account for third fifths of that of rock wool core boards.


Effective width

Wall panel: 950mm/1150mm     Roof panel: 960mm


According to customer's request


Fiber glass wool , Color steel sheet


Upper and lower layer: Color steel sheet

Middle: Fiber glass wool


Color steel sheet: 0.3-0.8mm 

Fiber glass wool core: 50mm 75mm 100mm 120mm

The fiber glass wool density


Conventional color

Ocean blue, grey and so on


High fireproof, Light in weight, Heat insulation, waterproof, green and environmental


various roofs and walls referring to the large size factory buildings,temporary house,dormitory, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums etc.


Glass wool sandwich panel

EPS sandwich panel

Rock wool sandwich panel








Heat Exchange Factor

0.032 -0.037(m·K)



Fire resistance

Noncombustible A level

C ~ D flammable, plus flame retardants into class B flame retarga

Noncombustible A level

Smoke toxicity

Inorganic flame retardant materials, non-toxic


The combustion release toxic gas

Inorganic flame retardant materials, non-toxic


Skin irritation

Fine fibers, no shot, Fine fibers, no shot, no stimulation of the skin

No stimulation of the skin

The fiber coarse cause itching, slag ball lead thorny affect construction




No hydrophobicity

Tensile properties(Tensile properties)

150~200mm, fiber grows insulation tensile higher performance, better seismic performance

Tensile strength of small, fragile


≤40mm,tensile strength of small, fragile



No pulverization phenomenon, can use for a long time


Long time exposure on the outside will turn yellow, brittle


Natural powdering the life time is greatly shortened, after a period of time after the appearance of slag ball down, cotton body hanging elongated, and even rupture


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