Civil Engineering Steel Structures

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Civil Engineering Steel Structures

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Main Steel: Q345B,Q235B

Column & Beam: Welded or Hot rolled H-section

Wall & Roof: EPS sandwich panel , fiber glass sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel , PU sandwich panel ,corrugated steel sheet

Door: rolled up door , folded door and sandwich door for airport hangar

Window: PVC or Aluminum alloy window

Surface: Hot dip galvanized or painted.(all colors we can do)


1) high strength material, light weight

Although the density of steel is larger than other building materials, it has high strength. Under the same stress, the steel structure has light weight and can be made into a larger span structure.

2) high toughness and good plasticity

Due to good plasticity, the steel structure under normal circumstances will not be suddenly borken due to accidental overload or partial overload. Due to high toughness, it has good adaptation to dynamic load.

3) high structural reliability

The inner texture of steel is homogeneous and isotropic. The actual working performance of the steel structure is in good agreement with the theoretical calculation result, therefore, the reliability of the structure is high.

4) Good weldability

Due to the weldability of the steel, the connection of the steel structure is greatly simplified and it can be manufactured into structures of various complicated shapes.

The layout of the air hangar and the height requirements are rather special and directly affect the structure of the hangar. Due to the large span of the hangar, the weight of the structure (mainly the roof system) also accounts for a large proportion of the total load, and if the weight of the structure can be reduced, economic effect is obvious. The steel structure has high strength and light weight. Its components have small cross-section and weldability. And the manufacturing process is relatively simple. Due to these advantages, some of the problems that can not be solved by the plane structure system can be solved with steel structures, so it is widely used in long-span buildings like air hangar. 



civil engineering steel structures airport hangar


ISO 9001:2008, CE/COC/ certificate when request

Service life

more than 50 years

Delivery Detail

30 days after received deposit and drawing confirmed

Packaging Details

steel structure flat packed in container, sheeting packed by paper, fittings in cartons or bags


1 Set airport hangar

Supply Ability

60000 Square Meter Per Month, 1000 ton/month


Qingdao port, China

Payment Terms

T/T,L/C,Western Union

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