Commercial Building Individual Use Prefab Portable Garages with Steel Structure

Commercial Building Individual Use Prefab Portable Garages with Steel Structure

With wide experience and expertise, DIRECTOR develops, manufactures, and trades the best quality commercial building individual use prefab portable garages with steel structure. As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in this field, we can offer you a competitive price. Now, please...

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Commercial Building Individual Use Prefab Portable Garages with Steel Structure 

If you are preparing to build a commercial building- or a structure for individual use - prefabricated portable garages provide the very best building value.

Here's are the top reasons to consider a portable garage for individual or commercial use:

1. Faster Delivery.
Utilizing prefab garages that are portable will save you time and money. Our manufacturers have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Portable buildings are what they do day in and day out. Most prefabricated garage shelters are engineered and delivered to our customers location within 5 to 7 business days regardless of size and features.

2. Faster Construction.
Latest technology and state of the art equipment shortens your building time. All the framing elements arrive at your site pre-cut, bond welded, punched, and clearly marked for instant erecting. Merely assemble the portable garage kit by following the detailed directions that are included with every building. Think about it as an adult-sized version of a kid's erector set.

Utilizing portable buildings provided by Original Shelters cuts assembly time in half. Not only will your prefab garage building go up faster, you'll save money on labor cost.

3. Consistent Quality.
Traditional wood building requires you buy 10-15% more lumber than required to cull out the splits and knots, warped boards, and inferior studs. Made to exact standards and precise measurements with first quality steel, portable garage structures ensure guaranteed strength and quality. There's no guesswork.

4. High Strength Hardware.
Nails and straps made use of in conventional wood buildings loosen and pull out with time. The frame loosens up as it shifts, droops, and settles. Windows and doors start to stick. Corners bend. Floors creak.

Durable portable garages incorporate high strength bolts and self-drilling screws for all connection points. Prefabricated steel buildings assemble straight and plumb every time, and remain straight and true for the lifetime of the structure.

5. Superior Protection.
You are buying this building to safeguard something- your company, your vehicles, or your investments. You really want the very best all weather defense possible. Portable buildings satisfy severe weather condition challenges and regular aging much better than other building materials.

Your portable garage shelter from Original Shelters will meet or exceed all regional building codes for the lifetime of your structure.

6. Eco-Friendly.
Steel is the most recycled material in the world. Unlike other materials, recycling steel does not alter its strength. Including insulation to your metal building will add up to big energy savings, reducing heating and cooling bills by as much as 48%.

7. Handsome Exteriors.
Complete your brand-new building in any design you prefer. Portable garages are available in Quonset Round, Gamble Barn, and Traditional Peak style roof profile. All three designs are attractive and capable of all weather shelter for all your valuables.

8. Floor Plan Flexibility.
Portable garages take full advantage of the strength of steel. No load-bearing interior walls are needed. However, you can actually put interior walls wherever you desire. Draw your interior wall plan on the slab with a piece piece of chalk, if you like.

9. Easy Expansion.
As your needs change, so can your portable garage building. Expand your building at any time by ordering more steel frames and covers to contribute to your end walls.

10. Inorganic.
Steel is an inorganic material. It will not tolerate mold, fungus, or termites. Nor does steel bend or warp with wetness changes like wood framework structures do.

And because metal is a fantastic conductor of electricity, an effectively grounded metal building is extremely unlikely to suffer damage from lightning strikes and burning down.

11. Lower Maintenance.
Portable garage buildings require hardly any annual maintenance like wood buildings. Over the lifetime of the structure, this can save you lots of headache- and a lot of cash.

13. Affordable.
Historically, steel prices are far less pricey than other building materials. Economical to purchase, cheaper to construct, and more affordable to operate, portable garages supply the best lasting financial investment in building construction.
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