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Design Of Steel Structures

Design Of Steel Structures

Save Time: Fast and flexible to install, save much time on construction. Save Cost: Light weight steel greatly reduces the cost against concrete structure. More Space: Steel structure increases much more space than traditional architecture. Eco-Friendly material: The whole structure is easy to maintain, with a long life more than 50years. Safe and Reliable: Resists typhoon, earthquake, heavy snow and other bad weathers.

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Basic Information:

Name of project: FORD Motor Two Storey Steel Structure testing office Building

Country: Australia
Structure system: Portal Frame 
Building size: 41.8x18.6x7.7m two storey

Roof panel: 0.5mm corrugated steel sheet(BAOSTEEL)+heat insulation layer

Wall panel: 50mm PU sandwicha panel
Built Year: 2015

Surface treatment:Epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint + chlorinated rubber finish

Structure characteristics:testing workshop and office, strong steel frame, also built with ramp which car can drive into the second floor.

FORD office (6).jpgFORD office (3).jpeg

FORD office (4).jpegFORD office (2).jpg



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