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Qingdao Manufacturing Participating Constructing the FAST Project

Qingdao Manufacturing Participating Constructing the FAST Project

Qingdao manufacturing Participating Constructing The FAST Project Qingdao Enterprise 500 meters Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) project Recently, Enterprises Qingdao Steel Structure Co., Ltd. successfully participated in the construction of 500 meters Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope...

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Qingdao manufacturing

  Participating Constructing The FAST Project 

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Qingdao Enterprise  500 meters Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) project

Recently, Enterprises Qingdao Steel Structure Co., Ltd. successfully participated in the construction of 500 meters Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) project.

As a major scientific and technological achievement of the country, the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), nicknamed Tianyan ("China's Eye" ), is a radio telescope located in Pingtang County,  Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in southwest of Guizhou Province.  It is the world's largest single aperture, the most sensitive radio telescope with our own intellectual property rights.This major project, led by the NAOC(National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), has lasted 22 years.Qingdao  Co., Ltd., one of the participating enterprises,  contracted the production and installation task of six steel structure support towers on the outer side of the radio telescope.The company won the "FAST Project construction Outstanding Contribution Unit" award.

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Because of the huge space span of the fast telescope, the flexible cable connection is used between the feed cabin and the ground. According to the program design, the telescope in the diameter of 600 meters around the round need to be six support towers, in order to find suitable production and installation enterprises, the Chinese Academy of Sciences National Observatory team visited the major enterprises, in 2013 and around two times to Qingdao Co., Ltd. to conduct site visits. Finally, in the fast feed support tower manufacturing and installation project bidding, Steel Tower stand out, winning the bid.

"As a listed enterprise, our company's scale, management, technology, qualification, etc. are in line with the requirements of the National Astronomical Observatory of CAS, successfully forwarders six of feed support tower production and installation tasks." "Qingdao  Co., Ltd. Research and development director, fast feed support Tower project leader said that they in accordance with strict material procurement, drawing refinement, process assurance, hundreds of workers work together, just a few months time, six support tower main frame and ancillary products in the headquarters factory completed, and in batches sent to the Guizhou Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Pingtang 

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Production is only the first step, and next, the installation of the six support towers is even more difficult. The total weight of six support towers is 3000 tons. In order to adapt to the leg design of Mountain tower, each height is different, the highest reached more than 180 meters, the lowest of less than 100 meters.Due to special terrain, each support tower is located in the cliff position, the construction of the precision, safety requirements extremely high. The East Tower has formed more than 30 people's team, including technicians, installers and full-time security officers, who have been stationed in the construction site all year round. Because the time is tight, the task is heavy, they "start at dawn,over after dark".Limited by terrain, large cranes are unable to display .They use the old stick form to install,continuously fight for more than a year.During this period,  many times they have received the guidance and help of Nan Rendong, FAST chief scientist and a researcher from the National Astronomical Observatories at the Chinese Academy of Sciences .After completing the six support tower installation tasks,  the project completed after the acceptance concerned in October 2015.

The FAST telescope uses the six support cable to suspend the feed cabin in the air.The supporting cable is connected with the driving equipment on the ground by the guide pulley on the Hundred meters high support tower, and the length of the supporting cable is changed by the drive device, and the feed cabin is dragged in the hundred metre scale space. The installation of the steering pulley is also one of the tasks of the East  tower, each supporting tower needs to install a 2. 8 tons of steering pulley, no lifting machinery support, can only rely on human completion, the task is extremely arduous. To this end, the company set up a special team to carry out technical research, do all the preparation, choose the wind-free weather, send a capable force to fight, overcome difficulties, and finally achieved a precise installation in place, for fast on-schedule to provide a strong guarantee.

"Qingdao manufacturing", has excelled in FAST project construction .It has provided support and contribution to the birth of the heavy power.It has been unanimously praised by scientists such as Nan Rendong. In the future, there will be more Qingdao enterprises to build national key projects, to shape a more influential "Qingdao manufacturing" business card.

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