Compared with traditional workshops, steel structure workshops have significant advantages, such as low construction cost, short construction period and high strength.

Thus it has been widely used. After all, the speed of social development is getting faster and faster.

The advantages of these factories are prominent, but there are also factors that need to be considered before construction, for example?

1. Wind resistance of steel structure factory building:

It resists the highest local wind pressure, and the steel structure factory building will not be pulled off by negative wind pressure.

The wind resistance performance is related to the bearing capacity and density of the steel beams and columns of the steel structure workshop.

2. The sound insulation effect of the steel structure factory building:

prevent sound from being transmitted indoors or from indoors to outdoors.

Fill the steel structure workshop layer with sound insulation material (usually made of thermal insulation cotton), and the sound insulation effect is expressed by the difference in sound intensity on both sides of the steel structure workshop layer.

The sound insulation effect is related to the density and thickness of the sound insulation material. It should be noted that the sound insulation materials have different blocking effects on different frequencies of sound

3. Waterproof of steel structure workshop:

prevent rainwater from seeping into the metal roof panel from outside. Rainwater enters the steel structure workshop mainly through lap joints or nodes.

In order to achieve the function of anti-seepage, it is necessary to use a sealing washer at the screw port and adopt a hidden fixation.

Use sealant or welding at the overlap of the board. It is best to use a long board to eliminate overlap. Tight waterproof treatment for abdominal distension.

4. Lightning protection for steel structure workshops:

Lead lightning to the ground to prevent lightning from penetrating the roof of steel structure workshops and entering the room.

5. Daylighting of steel structure workshop:

Improve indoor lighting through skylights during the day to save energy.

When arranging daylighting panels or daylighting glass at specific locations on the metal roof, the service life of the skylight should be coordinated with the metal roof panel, and load-bearing treatment should be done at the connection between the skylight and the steel frame of the steel structure factory building.

In addition, when building a steel structure workshop, you must also consider the problem of water seepage. If you store chemicals and other environmentally polluting products in your workshop, you need to use an HDPE geomembrane to protect the ground environment.