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Steel Structure Building Cost

  Setting aside a budget for steel building construction is an important step towards a smooth-flowing construction. Without proper costing, you could end up spending more than necessary. It also helps in controlling the costs of materials, so you can

How to Building Large-span Steel Structures?

The Chinese Steel Structure Code stipulates that structures with a span of 60m or more are long-span structures. How to construct a large-span steel structure? Let me share with you several commonly used construction methods for large-span steel structures. In

Steel Structure Design Method

There are three different methods of steel structure design, namely simple design, continuous design and semi-continuous steel design. The joints in the structure are assumed to be fixed or rigid to make design calculations easy to manage. In a simple

3 advantages of steel structure warehouse

In recent years, the number of steel structure warehouses has been increasing, especially for commercial purposes. Maybe a small business has started to see more success. In order to take the business to a new level, they are looking for