The steel structure workshop is a type of building composed of the main frame, mainly composed of steel columns, steel beams and purlins, so the steel structure is the main load-bearing member of the steel structure workshop.

The roof and walls of the steel workshop use various styles of panels, which overlap when assembled together without openings. As a result, the steel frame workshop can be isolated from the outdoor environment.

Due to reasonable cost and short construction period, steel structures have been widely used in industrial and non-industrial buildings. According to the type of steel, the steel structure workshop buildings produced by our factory can be divided into light and heavy.

For some potential users of overhead bridge cranes, they do not have existing buildings to support the cranes or rent facilities, but want to build their own factories. Structural steel factories can be a cost-effective solution.

There are a few reasons that make it a mainstream choice for building your studio. Fast and flexible assembly. All components will be prefabricated in the factory and then shipped to the construction site.

The installation process is quick and easy. Cost-effective. This will significantly shorten the construction time of the building, thereby saving a lot of time and money.

High safety and durability. The steel structure is light in weight but high in strength and easy to maintain. It can be used for more than 50 years. Optimize the design. The prefabricated steel workshop can be isolated from the outdoor environment and avoid leakage such as water seepage.

It also has excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance. High utilization rate. The steel structure is easy to move and move, and it can also be recycled without pollution. Sturdy structure.

The steel structure manufacturing workshop can withstand strong winds and heavy snow. It also has excellent seismic performance.

Light steel structure workshop design

The light steel structure workshop can be designed and built into any size and shape to meet your specific needs.

The following are some options for your light steel structure plant design. Steel columns and beams are the main structure of steel structure buildings, and Q345B H-shaped steel will be used. The overhead crane beam also uses Q345B H-shaped steel. The metal roof is usually made of PPGI steel coil of Q195 steel, and then cold-formed. The aluminum sheet can also be used as the metal roof of steel structure, but the cost of aluminum is higher

The painting will be divided into three layers. Wall and roof purlins are available in C, Z, U shape. Angle steel will be used for the roof horizontal support system.

For pilasters and cross bracing systems, double-layer angles will be used. The colors of the walls and roof are customized according to your requirements.

There are two types of panels. One is single-sided brick or steel tile, and the other is composite board, such as polystyrene, rock wool and polyurethane. The foam is placed between two layers of panels, warm in winter and cool in summer. It also has a sound insulation effect.

When designing a steel structure workshop, some factors should be considered for the best design. The costs include but are not limited to:

Anti-seepage: Prevent rainwater from seeping into the metal roof from the outside. Usually, rainwater enters the metal roof through overlapping seams or nodes. In order to achieve the anti-seepage function, a sealing washer should be used in the screw port, and then it should be hidden and fixed. Where the panels overlap, a sealant or welding treatment should be applied to eliminate overlap.

Fire protection: When a fire occurs, it must be ensured that the metal roof material will not burn and the flame will not penetrate the metal roof.

Windproof: Considering the maximum local wind pressure, the design of the steel structure workshop should ensure that the metal roof will not be pulled apart due to negative wind pressure.

Sound insulation: prevent sound from spreading to the room or from the room to the outside. Generally, insulating material will be filled between the layers of the metal roof panel. The sound insulation effect is highly related to the density and thickness of the sound insulation material.

Ventilation: Considering indoor and outdoor air circulation, ventilation openings should be provided on the roof structure of the building.

Moisture-proof: Prevent water vapor from condensing on the top metal layer. The solution is to fill the roof slab with insulation cotton and paste the waterproof membrane on the roof slab.

Load-bearing: The steel structure shed workshop should have a large load-bearing capacity to withstand heavy rain and heavy snow, and to withstand the load of construction and maintenance.

Lightning protection: Prevent lightning from penetrating the metal roof and entering the room.

Lighting: Skylights can be used to improve indoor lighting during the day. It can be a lighting panel or glass.

Control thermal expansion and contraction: Considering certain areas with large temperature differences, it is necessary to ensure that the metal roof panel will not be damaged by the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Construction plan

The installation procedures of the structural steel manufacturing plant mainly include steel column installation, column support installation, temporary installation of suspension beams, installation of top beams and struts, correction and fixation of suspension beams, and maintenance of installed steel structures.

Regarding the installation of steel columns, due to the large weight and large length of the columns, it is impossible to produce and transport them at once.

Therefore, it will use a segmented manufacturing process and then assemble on the construction site. In addition, various measures should be taken during installation to prevent component damage. For example, before lifting a steel column, a piece of wood should be placed on the column base plate to avoid damage.