Multi-storey steel frame structure consist of beams and columns from welded H-shaped steel, hot-rolled H-shaped steel. In this frames, the beam and column system takes the gravity load such as dead and live loads. Now steel frame structure is mostly used for residential, commercial, institutional buildings all over the world.

The advantages of using steel frame in the construction of multi-storey buildings are listed below:

  • Steel, by virtue of its high strength to weight ratio enables large spans and light weight construction.
  • Steel frames can have a variety of structural forms like braced frames and moment resistant frames suitable to meet the specific requirements.
  • Steel frames are faster to erect compared with reinforced concrete frames resulting in economy.
  • The elements of framework are usually prefabricated in the factory under effective quality control thus enabling a better product.
  • Subsequent alterations or strengthening of floors are relatively easy in steel frames compared with concrete frames.
  • The steel frame construction is more suitable to withstand lateral loads caused by wind or earthquake.