Pre-engineered buildings have become very common in India.  This is what has led to the growth of Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer in India. There are very many advantages of the pre-engineered building systems, but all these advantages lead to one thing, reduced construction time. Due to the systems approach, use of the high strength steel, use of the tapered built-up sections that are optimized by computerized design program as well as the use of the secondary steel section, there is the overall reduction in the steel weight, cost as well as time relative to the conventional steel construction. The pre-engineered buildings are predetermined inventory of the raw materials, which has proven over time to be able to satisfy various structural as well as aesthetic requirements. Components are usually engineered in advance as well as standardized.

Pre-engineered Buildings Manufacturer in India List

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Prem Engineering

Prem Engineering, as well as Infra Projects, has been at the lead of the Engineering industry for over 20 years with the superb capability of being able to carry out roofing as well as engineering services to their customers. Their Pre-engineered buildings are mainly formed of the standard sections as well as connections. This does reduce the design time. Low weight and flexible frames do offer higher resistance to seismic forces. Prem Engineering and the Infra Projects have continued to build based on the same core values since they got to be established since the year 1995. They have continued to uphold their values of quality, safety as well as Par excellence.

Multicolor® Steels

For the last 25 years, Multicolor® Steels has become a trusted name in the metal building systems. The company does understand the customer needs and provides complete turnkey solutions of manufacture, supply, design, and erection with most experienced as well as well trained engineers as well as erectors all over India who can adopt the highest quality standards along with safety speed as well as after-sales services. The company continues to maintain long term relationships with its customers with repeated orders by them. They have a track record of 100% completing all of their projects in the last twenty years. They make Pre-engineered buildings that can easily be lifted as well as transported from one place to the other with the help of 4 steel hooks on the roof.

Kishore Infratech Private Limited

Kishore Infratech Private Limited is among the best Pre-engineered buildings manufacturers in India. They have a wide range of Pre-engineered buildings services, which does include manufacturing and designing of the Pre-fabricated sheds, civil works, pre-fabricated buildings, etc. The company does manufacture all these products as per approved industrial standards with the help of the best quality materials. They do source the resources from the reliable as well as professional market dealers all over the country, intended to be able to deliver as per requirements as well as expectations of their clients.

M and K Building Systems Pvt. Ltd.

This company does specialize in the construction of the Pre-engineered buildings. Their state-of-the-art infrastructure does aim to provide all the requisite facilities under a single roof to their esteemed clients. They do support their clients with their archetypal services, such as mechanical, plumbing, and electrical, as well as civil services. Pre-engineered buildings are a superb solution to be able to resolve challenges which are faced in the conventional construction. The Pre-engineered buildings are made of steel. Usually, they are engineered at the company’s premises and later on gets to be fixed at the site. Due to the easy practical applications, it has been able to gain acceptance across the globe.

Balaji pre-engineering Company

Balaji pre-engineering Company is the total Pre-Engineering Building Solutions company situated in India specialized in the Pre-engineering metal building solutions from Engineering, designing, fabrication to the final erection of the Pre-Engineered building. Their pre-engineering solutions are always built under stringent quality control as well as custom made design that does match the customer’s requirements as well as budget. They have been in the market for over 25 years in the Fabricated Steel construction work. They are among the leading pre-engineering builder’s expert in the pre-engineering building and the pre-engineering building designs to offer excellent construction solutions.

New Life Steel Structures

For over twenty years, New Life Steel Structures has been able to witness huge growth in the sector of the Pre-engineered buildings in India to become among the leading manufacturer as well as exporter for the Pre-fabricated Buildings as well as steel structures worldwide. The company does offer high-quality services to its vast clientele that does make them among the best and top Pre-Engineered Building manufacturers in India. There are very few that have been able to match their offerings that do range across the varied domains that include pre-engineered buildings, pre-fabricated tubular structure, industrial sheds as well as portable cabins.

V.N.roofing &cladding private limited

This is a leading manufacturer of Pre-engineered buildings. It does provide superb and high-quality solutions for various kinds of pre-engineering building requirements as well as super-structure. Superb impact on the environment does make the Steel building super successful in the market. Owing to the help of their experienced engineers, they can undertake Pre-engineered building services. Their services get to be executed by professionals by the exact requirements of their clients. Pre-engineered buildings have been designed using advanced techniques as well as the latest machinery, which are quite popular among the valuable clients for their features which does include superb finish, reliability as well as accurate dimensions.


NISA PRE-ENGINEERED METAL BUILDINGS Pvt. Ltd was launched in the year 2002 under the management of Mr. N. Saroop, who is a well-known structural engineer with over 33 years of experience in India as well as abroad. The company does believe that the quality steel buildings do conform to the India standards as well as international codes of practices sold at a very fair price, with a special emphasis on the sound structural engineering, beautiful detailing as well as quick and timely delivery which does suit the fast track projects that would ensure widespread customer acceptance. Every Pre-engineered building is usually customized to be able to meet exact planning, design suitability requirements as well as a material specification that is based upon its location, functionality as well as the client’s requirements.

Vipul Infra Projects

Vipul Infra Projects have grown in the market to be able to offer some unique and best services that are of high quality. The company is committed to offering unique services through their expertise. Building long term as well as the respectable relationship with their clients is their major focus. The Pre-engineered building is usually custom made to suit a wide range of applications in the various industry sectors. It largely does depend upon the requirement of the customers. The metal buildings are quite different from the conventional buildings in ways like the speed in delivery as well as erection as well as withstand very severe weather conditions.

Jenish Infrawork Pvt. Ltd

This company is situated in Ahmedabad in India. The company is highly involved in the PEB structural shed, heavy fabrication works, Pre-fabricated structures, etc. The products are usually made using superior quality material procured from the well-established vendors of the market. Made with precision, these products are made in strict accordance with set industry standards. Their range can easily be customized as per the specific requirements of the clients.


This company has been running since the year 2004. Their main offices are located in Noida. The company is becoming very popular as they continue to serve very many satisfied clients. Since the time they started their operations, they have been serving high-quality infrastructural services from the pre-fabricated as they build top pre-engineered building essentials.  Their Pre-engineered buildings are superb structures that have been made of lighter materials during its construction, as well as does offer very many advantages to the sector of the industrial. They do come with excellent benefits to that of the owner, and this is due to multiple benefits that all these buildings have made such a name for themselves. This company has made a point to offer its clients to be with the best that they can and efficiently deliver them.


DdecorArch is among the best company in India when it comes to India. They do avail to their customers’ various features about the version of their pre-engineered building. The company is involved in Interiors, prefab building, pre-fabricated buildings, pre-engineered buildings, and many more.  This company does offer a wide range of services that are combined with many years of experience as well as dedication to customer satisfaction does create a superior solution for you, the client.

Loya Pre Engineered Buildings Pvt. Ltd

This company is a well-known pre-engineered steel buildings manufacturing company which was founded in the year 1989. The company started as a construction company, and after it gained significant experience in this industry, the PEB division got to be established in the year 2009. Within a few years, they have built over five million sq. feet of buildings at the numerous locations; over 400 projects which do represent various structures as well as virtually every type of the industry. Timely completion, as well as professional execution, are the hallmark of the company. The company does believe in fulfilling its commitments.

Bhagwati Group

Bhagwati Group is the leading manufacturer as well as supplier of the Pre-engineered building. This company has been able to flourish under the guidance of Mr. Kavit Harsora. Fabrications of all the components are usually done in the factory. At this company, they make high quality Pre-engineered building systems that are highly appreciated in the market. As the name does suggest, the buildings are pre-engineered; hence the construction time reduces by over 40% at the lower manufacturing as well as erection cost. The built-up sections are well fabricated at this factory to the exact size, gets to be transported to the site as well as assembled at the site with the bolted sections.

Delta Steel

Delta Steel is the leading manufacturer of the Pre-engineered Steel buildings in India. The company designs fabricate as well as delivers world-class steel buildings timely and on budget. Their design, as well as the fabrication quality management system, has been certified to ISO 9001 standard. The company was established in 2007, and they have manufacturing facilities in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. They do have PEB production capacity of about 30,000 metric tons/annum, as well as the heavy structural production capacity of the 24,000 metric tons per year.

Kishore Infratech Private Limited

This is among the best Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer in the Hyderabad. The company does offer a wide range of Pre-engineered buildings, including manufacturing and designing of the Pre-fabricated sheds, civil works, pre-fabricated buildings, electrification, equipment erection services, etc. They do manufacture all these products as per approved industrial standards with the help of the best quality materials.

Astal Interbuild PVT LTD

Astal Interbuild PVT LTD does represent quality as well as client satisfaction. Over the years, this company has grown to be a one-stop solution for all the industrial as well as warehouse infrastructure requirements. The company does manufacture a whole assortment of the pre-engineered buildings, roofing systems, turbo ventilators as well as pre-fabricated steel structures. The company uses premium quality materials which make products durable and robust. This company is engaged in providing innovative engineered buildings that are precisely developed according to specifications detailed by their clients.

How to choose the right Indian Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer

Having the proper Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer is usually essential when it comes to construction. The role of a Pre-engineered building manufacturer is to be able to supply quality tools as well as materials to be able to produce the best results. This can go on to make a difference between being able to work well as having to endure the construction delays. Here are some key factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer:


If the manufacturer takes a long time to be able to deliver tools as well as building materials that you need, then meeting the timelines of your construction needs might be impossible. Getting services of the unreliable manufacturer who doesn’t deliver on time is not going to do you any favor, particularly during the crunch time when you are pressed to be able to complete the huge order. Finding the best Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer is going to ensure consistent access to what exactly you need and when you need it.

Quality of the products

Before you select the Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer, ensure that they don’t provide the substandard as well as poor quality materials as well as tools. Using the poor-quality materials can be able to create more risk of damage to the manufacturing products as well as the equipment. To ensure that this will not happen, look through the history of the Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer before you chose them. If the manufacturer has been recognized for the excellent quality products, then you can be assured that they would be able to deliver superb reliable products.

Processing equipment

Having the right materials as well as tools can be able to produce the top-quality results as well as when choosing the potential manufacturers, see if the equipment that they use to process the materials are up to date. Get to see if Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer still does rely a lot on the manual processing methods as well as if so, it would mean that the manufacturer is going to have a hard time being able to deliver very timely results. If the Pre-engineered buildings manufacturer uses highly advanced manufacturing tools, which will ensure that work is quick and consistent. This is the right Pre-engineered building manufacturer to be able to handle all your production needs.