Prefabricated commercial metal buildings are on the rise in the past few years. Also known as modular commercial buildings, these buildings offer a variety of benefits including stronger structure, long life, faster building process, lower costs and lesser construction mess.

These portable prefabricated commercial metal buildings have parts assembled on site. The parts have been prefabricated in factories where they go through stringent quality control to ensure that they are in the best state and they pass the strength and structure standards for commercial buildings.

The parts used to construct prefabricated commercial metal buildings are made in a controlled environment where the weather will not interfere with its outcome. That allows the parts to be produced in a perfect condition. When installed properly, these metal buildings can last for ages.

This can be a viable option for people who are looking for the best commercial space materials that will not hurt their budget.

Types of Commercial Metal Buildings


Prefabricated metal buildings to be used as a gym can be an economical way to build a sturdy structure that will last for a long time. Detached metal buildings can be added to a private property to serve as a home gym or used for commercial lots. Aside from gyms, these metal buildings can also be used for larger sports structures such as basketball courts or indoor tennis courts.

When building gyms using prefabricated metals, it’s important to identify what the purpose of the space is going to be. What kind of fitness activities should be done there? Are you going to place heavy gym equipment? Do you need a lot of floor space to conduct activities like Zumba or cardio activities? Do you need electronics like TVs installed? These are the things that should be considered.


Auto-repair shops often do a lot of rigorous tasks. Because of that, their shops can get loaded with heavy machinery, tools and vehicles. This is why metal buildings are often preferred for auto-repair shops. Metal buildings are designed to last for a long time and can provide top-notch weather protection. Tools, equipment and vehicles can be protected while inside the structure.

Metal buildings can also withstand heat. Since auto-repair shops use tools that can generate heat, it’s best to use building materials that are resistant to that.


Metal can also be used to construct office spaces. It is considered a sustainable material because it can last for a long time even with little maintenance. For prefabricated metal office buildings, they can be put up faster than traditional building methods, which lowers down the costs for building owners and reduces downtime.

Metal buildings also offer aesthetic benefits. They can be put up to match the aesthetic and design specifications of the users. The parts can be prefabricated to create a modern design that will represent your office well.

Metal can also be recycled, which is an added plus for those looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly office space.


Large retail stores can benefit from the use of prefabricated metal materials. Metal is known for its ability to last for a long time. Many retail stores that use metal for its framework are still standing long after the stores have closed.

Retail shop owners can also benefit from the low maintenance capabilities of metal. Unlike wood, it’s not prone to warping, buckling and rotting. Retail shop owners don’t have to do a lot of things to keep their shops in good condition.

This material is also great for large open layouts like retail stores. The parts are sturdy and requires fewer support compared to wood, allowing for large expanse of space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Commercial Metal Building?

The basic pricing of commercial metal building is about $16 to $20 per square foot. However, that can still depend on other factors such as the condition of the land it is going to be put up on and the design of the building. The price can go as high as $40.

What Is the Average Cost Per Square Foot for Commercial Real Estate?

When buying a commercial real estate, the price per square foot depends on a lot of factors such as location and season. During peak seasons, commercial lots in prime locations can rise. The average you can pay per square foot of a commercial real estate at a good location is about $50. A typical 2,000 square foot space can sell for about $100,000.

How Do You Calculate Commercial Property Value?

Take the Gross Rent Multiplier or the GRM and then multiply it by the gross rent value of your property. You can calculate the GRM by dividing the property’s selling price by the gross rent