The limitless capabilities of steel make it a sterling option for constructing industrial buildings. From workshops to retail buildings, steel proves to be a frontrunner in building applications. Steel is a preferred framing system, with over 90% of the industrial sector using it.

Experienced steel industrial building contractors have taken the use of steel to the next level by developing industrial spaces that don’t just serve their purpose but also bring advantages like cost-effectiveness and durability to the table.

Through effective planning and management of steel supplies, industrial space owners can create a steel frame building suitable for their needs.

Types of Industrial steel buildings

There are different types of steel industrial buildings. Here are some of the common applications for this material:

Steel Warehouse

Warehouses need to be expansive but strong in order to accommodate the storage needs of businesses. Steel is often a preferred material for warehouses because it is more cost-effective, it is durable, it doesn’t require too much maintenance and offers great security features.

Steel warehouses needed to be durable and burglary-proof to protect all the items stored inside. This is why steel is a top-notch choice. Owners can also take advantage of the lower costs of building a steel warehouse.

Steel Workshop

Steel Structure Workshop Building

Workshops often receive wear and tear because of the various applications done in it. Activities like woodworking and welding can inflict some damage to the building structure. But with steel, that won’t be a problem. With the durable structure of steel, it can accommodate any kind of application.

The high tensile strength of steel makes this such a great choice for workshops. Additionally, building owners don’t have to worry about pests and rigid maintenance. It is also a fire-resistant choice.

Airplane Hangar

Airplane hangars are usually situated in areas with strong environmental elements like wind and harsh sunlight. This is why it’s important to choose a material that can withstand heavy external elements. The hangar should provide the best protection for expensive aircrafts. This is where steel comes in.

Steel does not warp or disfigure easily. Even when exposed to harsh external elements like strong winds, it will still house aircrafts safely, which is why it is also a top choice for construction material.

Steel Brewery

No matter what the size of your brewery is, steel can be a good material choice. The durability and tensile strength of steel ensures your equipment and products will be safely protected from external elements. Your brewery can be constructed in the same way as a warehouse with large expanses of space to maximize every bit of space that you have. Steel, with its strong structure, can accommodate this need. It’s also a material that can’t be destroyed easily, so you can reinforce your brewery and keep it safe from intruders.

Steel Medical

Whether you are building a hospital or an external medical structure to accommodate more patients, steel is an excellent choice. It can reinforce the structure to provide more safety to the people inside.

The strength of steel is unmatched, making it such an ideal option for buildings that are usually highly populated such as hospitals and medical tents.


How much does it cost to build a 10000 sq ft steel building?

If you need a bigger space, you should consider putting up a steel building. If you choose prefabricated steel kits, the cost per sq foot is anywhere between $7.50 to $8.50. However, there are packages that already include everything including construction costs. That can set you back by as much as $20 per square foot.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial buildings?

A lot of people usually think all big buildings are the same. But there is actually a distinction between commercial and industrial buildings. They are both different from residential spaces, particularly the style of the buildings.

Industrial typically refers to production creation and storage and commercial pertains to profiting through organizational streams. If the structure requires dealing with clients, it is usually a commercial establishment. Some examples would include malls, retail stores, theaters, coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

Industrial construction does not usually cater to the demands of the customers but more on addressing the manufacturing needs of the business.

What is meant by industrial building?

An industrial building is a kind of building made to be used for fabrication, processing, and assembly of different kinds of materials. Industrial spaces are usually bigger and more expansive, usually with not a lot of walls and windows. Some examples are warehouses, research and development buildings, heavy industrial establishments, and cold storage buildings.

What is the best metal building kit on the market?

There are a lot of different metal building kit providers today. They differ when it comes to their price and kit construction. Some of the names in the industry you can look for are Rhino Steel Building Systems, Rigid Global Building Systems, Curvco Steel Structures, SteelBuilding Systems and Armstrong Steel Building Systems.