Poultry house

Poultry house

The chicken house is a new type of steel structure building, which is very popular all over the world and is widely used for raising broilers, laying hens, ducks, etc.

The steel structure poultry house featured convenient transportation, convenient installation, low investment and environmental protection.

Because different countries have different climate, market and custom requirements. The broiler house generally has a width of 12-16 meters, a length of less than 150 meters, and a height of 2.1-3m (stocking) or 2.5-4.5m (cage type or H type).



The kind of structure you will put up for your chicken farm can contribute to the overall ease of operating your agricultural business. Think about the best materials that you can use for your operations.

When it comes to building a chicken farm, you can choose from traditional wood material or the more modern steel.

Wood vs. Metal

One of the misconceptions people make when choosing between metal and wood is that the latter is cheaper. But wood is actually more difficult to source, hence it is typically more expensive. Steel is easier to fabricate. There are also providers of steel building kits that make installation of steel chicken farms building a lot less expensive than if you use wood.

It also makes more sense to go with metal if you are looking for a sustainable and durable kind of material. Wood can be susceptible to damage brought about by moisture. Pests can eat away this material. In chicken farm settings, there is a high likelihood for wood to get damaged by pests.

Metal farm buildings can last longer. The material also doesn’t require too much maintenance. You can focus on growing your chicken farm business and not have to worry about your building structure.


How much space do you need for 500 chickens?

Chickens grow better when they are given a good size of space to roam around. When building your chicken farm, make sure you allot 2-3 feet of space for every chicken. This also depends on the size and breed of the chicken. If it’s a larger breed, you need to allot a bigger square. That means for every 100 chickens, you need to have about 200 square foot of space. So, for 500 chickens, you need 1000 square foot of farm.

How much space does 1000 chickens need?

Just double the amount that 500 chickens need. If 500 chickens require 1000 square foot of space, you need 2000 square foot of space for 1000 chickens.

How much does it cost to build a commercial chicken house?

It depends on the number of chickens you will house. A chicken house that can hold up to 20 chicken and custom-made using materials like lumber should cost up to $4,000. It also depends on the kind of style you are going for. The most expensive style is the all-in-one style of house that includes everything needed to house chickens.

You also need to consider the materials you are going to use for the floor. In commercial chicken farms, you might need to consider floor options to keep your chickens away from predators.

How do you make a chicken farm?

First, consider how many chickens you are going to house. That will tell how big a chicken farm you are going to build. Next is to choose the style of house you are going to build for your chickens. You can choose from A-style, walled style, tractor style or the all-in-one style.

Once you have identified the initial things that you need, you can then attempt to make a chicken farm house. Consider using steel frames. There are steel kits that you can use to quickly set up your chicken farm. You also have the option of hiring professionals to set it up properly, just to ensure the foundation is sturdy.

Decide what you are going to do with your produce. Are you after the meat or do you want your chickens to lay eggs? You should design your farm building to correspond to your needs.

How much does a chicken farmer make a year?

This depends on the number of chickens and houses that they have. They can earn an average income of $70,000 per year. That translates to about $16.27 to $50.00 per hour.

How much land do you need for a poultry farm?

An average poultry farm usually requires 134 acres of land for both poultry and egg production.