Steel Structure Workshop Building

Steel Structure Workshop Building

Features of our steel workshop:
Premium quality
Prompt delivery & seaworthy packing (30 days after receiving deposit)
Corrosion resistance
Can be recycled and reused
Mill test certification
Professional Service
Competitive pricing



  1. Steel is the best structure building material for individuals and companies to use. It helps you to build reliable, easy to bend, and long-term designs that suit your desires.

Unlike traditional building materials, the use of steel provides a safe working environment. It also protects other building materials from damage. Products that are made of steel are easier to construct, maintain their condition for many years and are not in danger of being destroyed by pests, fire, or decay. Such characteristics make sure that manufactured goods made of steel remain powerful and safe for use.

Other characteristics of steel include:

  • Better than all other building materials
  • Provides easy and safe packaging of goods for sea and other modes of transport
  • It is not likely to rot
  • Easy to remodel and use again
  • Meets specifications for many countries
  • Provides great service to consumers
  • Cheap
  1. Steel Structure BuildingComponents
  • Built-up H Sections: Tapered columns whose use is to develop rigid-framed rafters, beams, bearings, frames, mezzanine designs, crane constructs, roof monitors, roof stands, walkways, fascia, parapet barriers, sunshades, and extensions on roofs.
  • Hot Rolled Structural Steel Segments: These are conduits, pipes, and viewpoints that limit the capacity in the steel PEB construct.
  • Galvanized cold-rolling entails unwinding curls of cold-rolled steel forming structural edifices such as roof frames, eave struts, wall girths, foundation canals, gable and base angles.
  • Assorted structural items such as the anchor, connecting, expansion fasteners and drop bars.
  • Outlined, mill finish, pre-painted, roof and wall panels, trims and flashings, including eave gutters, downspouts, ridge and curved eave panes.
  • Panel accessories like sky and wall lights, ridge and power ventilators, fiberglass Insulation, staff doors, double sliding and roll-up doors, and sand trap louvers.
  • A variety of panel items such as sheet fasteners, foam closures, bead mastic, and pop rivets.
  1. Things Affecting the Cost of Steel Products


Price of Materials

The cost of steel is determined by global forces of demand and supply. Just like any other ordinary product, forces, such as fluctuations of global currencies like the U.S. dollar, influence the cost of steel. The price of steel in recent years has been low. However, experts estimate that its value will return to normal this year. Therefore, you are likely to see price changes soon.

Generally, our company gives you an opportunity to purchase steel products at the present price by paying a deposit, helping to avoid buying at a high price in case the prices go up immediately.

Various factors affect the price of pre-assembled steel structures. Here are factors to consider prior when making a request to evaluate your steel structure:

Codes and Loads

You must consider the codes or regulations within the area of operation and specific transport requirements such as wind and snow.


Consider the measurements of the projected structure in terms of length, width, and height. At the time of planning, remember that middle-to-middle measurements of the steel column determine the dimensions of the steel structure. Accordingly, our company determines the height of the structure on the elevation of the building at the eave.


Think how you will use the structure. Consider what among the tapered column, straight walls, modular framing, or clear span is ideal. Also, consider how big you want your design. The cost of the simple structures that are rectangular is low. Structures with low roofing are also cheap.


The basic structures include the ones with single entrance of up to six (6) meters wide. You can access doors, windows, and other kinds of above and storage place doors from the Director.


Consider whether you will include gutters, padding, vents, shimmering roofing panels, mezzanine instant floor system, or further additions. Usually, many customers spend about 15 to 20 percent of their base kit on extra accessories.


Our factory is in Qingdao China and ships the steel works to your work site through the sea. As a result, we could include the shipping costs in a comprehensive quotation. We have contractual obligations and prices with diverse best shipping companies and this helps in negotiating pocket friendly shipping charges.

Additional Expenses
Other than the steel structure cost, you should consider independent estimations on items such as:

  • Land (in case you want to acquire own property)
  • Permit charges
  • Mining and ground preparation
  • Availability of utilities
  • Personnel to erect the steel structure
  • Building gear rental for frame assembly
  • The availability of the concluding materials locally and cost e.g. brick, stucco, and stone
  • Groundwork service provider
  1. Warranty

We give 30-year warranties for all our original purchase of steel structures from the purchase date, but you must first fulfill these conditions:

  • The workers who fix steel structures must follow the directions we provide in the instructions guide.
  • Utilization of the product abides by load capacity limits set out by the director and specified in the engineered drawings.
  • The impairment or breakdown of the invention does not arise from the modifications of the product.
  • The impairment or breakdown is not because of natural occurrences such as floods and seismic activity.
  • The impairment or breakdown is not caused by faulty buildings.
  • The impairment or breakdown is not because the same has been exposed to chemicals and the damage is from a chemical reaction.

The Director does not provide warranty to our inventions for the usual wear and tear and consequential damage. Where a warranty claim is filed, the photographs of the device have to be presented. At our direction, the Director will then restore or replace the faulty parts.

The obligation of the director under the warranty is restricted to repairing the device. The Director or an authorized technician repairs or replaces defective parts but the same has to be within the set time limit.

The Director expects the purchaser to share the date stamped images for the first assessment of the warranty claim and the appliance. The warranty is restricted and does not cater for defects or malfunctions resulting from unauthorized service provision, maintenance, repair or utilization that does not conform with the Director’s directions, guide, manual or fitting instructions, the proposed use and specifications. It also does not cover damage from neglect, accidents, weather or other causes that are outside the director’s control. The restricted warranty usually covers only the original buyer, that means the individual or a business entity to which the invention is initially shipped to.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Director Install Your New Steel Structure?

The company does not offer labor rates because of the various workplace sites and the sheer amount of work force required to complete specific work demands. It is therefore impossible to send our engineer to assist in the erection of the pieces of equipment supplied by our company.

How Much Time Does It Take to Build?

Our focus is on providing a swift and efficient service. Ordinarily, the period of production is 30 days or thereabouts. For the period of erection, it usually depends on the enormity of your structure, the excavation labor required, and how quickly one can obtain the required consents. We provide a full outline of the construction process whenever you contact us.

Can We Construct the Basic Structure Then Affix Accessories and Unique Features Afterwards?

We affix accessories at your convenience. We provide options and varied accessories, which include the whole lot from skylights, venting systems, shelving, and mezzanine floors. We know our structures hence we can affix accessories within the shortest time possible and in accordance with the needs of our client. This service gives you the necessary flexibility to plan your budget and proceed at your convenience.

Can You Relocate Your Building in the Future If We Shift?

The modular, pre-fabricated, and light-weighted nature of our structures ensures that they are easy to relocate despite being tough and durable. The structure can be detached and re-assembled on a new site without complications.

Are Your buildings Customized?

Our control of every aspect of the building ensures that we can customize the structures to suit your needs and desires. We are therefore able to customize every aspect, including model, design and the facets of manufacturing; our high quality steel structures are therefore customizable. Regardless of your requirements and demands, we are experts in developing the right solution for your venture. Our able team will be with you every step of the way.

Which Sort of Protective Clothing Does the Director Utilize in Building?

The steel cladding of every DIRECTOR is tested independently to establish their hardiness and sturdiness. In order to meet the personal needs of our clientele we provide the steel cladding all kinds of panels including corrugated profile, EPS sandwich, glass fabric sandwich, and PU sandwich panel.

Are Custom Quotes Charged?

On the light gauge steel framing parcels, we do not levy any costs for customized quotes. The same applies to the pre-engineered buildings and structural buildings. Kindly send to us your working set plans or comprehensible sketches with measurements.

You can also choose any of our provided plans. If you have not developed any plans but you are interested, we know quality architects who will generate a design for your specifications at a pocket friendly price that will not be charged right away but will be subtracted from the ultimate purchase order.

Do We Work With Other Professional Architects, Engineers, Builders, and Developers?

To make a project truly successful, we pride in having a working relationship with great professionals including but not limited to engineers, architects, developers and builders. We work with many steel operatives from many parts of the world, and we are ready to give you your heart’s desire.