1. By comparing it to concrete, the steel structure can be used for dry construction so that it can save water, and the second is that it can be hoisted in place, with less labor, less noise.

2. It is precise because the reduced self-weight, the amount of soil taken in the construction process decreases, and the damage to the land resource become smaller.

3. Because the use of concrete and tile is greatly reduced, It is good for the protection of the environment.

4. When the service life of the building expires, less solid waste will be generated during demolition, and the recovery price of scrap steel resources is high.

5. The long-span steel structure has better advantages in beam depth and column-span.

6. Generally speaking, the deadweight ratio of steel structure to reinforced concrete is about 1:1.6, so the lighter the weight, the less seismic force. Steel structures are more effective against earthquakes if properly treated.

7. Steel components can be prefabricated in factories so that construction periods can be shortened and quality can be more easily guaranteed.

8. The toughness and large steel structure can increase the strength and toughness after proper composition adjustment and heat treatment.

9. The calculated structure is accurate, and the steel structure is uniform in quality and steel strength.

10. The steel structure is designed with high elasticity, high difficulty, long span, and special shape.

11. Beautiful. The complete set of materials used, such as aluminum alloy, glass curtain wall, and others, also can shape beautiful and majestic buildings.

12. Because the construction is fast, can realize the industrialization production, has the characteristic such as non-flammability, non-combustibility, fire prevention.

13. The light steel structure occupies a small area, which increases the economic benefits and uses the value of the building.

14. The use of steel structure can provide a larger space and a relatively spacious construction work surface for construction, and the construction speed is fast.

15. There are many holes and cavities in the steel structure space, which also facilitates the layout of various pipelines.

Steel structure buildings have a series of advantages such as lightweight, high strength, good mechanical properties, superior seismic performance, a high degree of industrialization, fast construction speed, beautiful appearance, fast investment recovery, and re-usability.