Steel is still the preferred material in the construction industry. Steel provides superior strength, high-speed construction, flexibility in design, and aesthetics. Singapore structural steel fabricators have a diverse range of fabricators working over various markets ranging from industrial building to complex structures. The market is competitive, ensuring that the companies produce high-quality, effective products and services that meet the set codes and international standards. The primary services offered include steel installation, powder coating, plasma cutting, hot-dip galvanizing, carnage, rigging, balustrading, handrails, staircases, structural steel, and steelwork for industrial and commercial buildings. The following are the best structural steel structural companies in Singapore:

  1. Mectec Engineering Pte Ltd

The company is located at 10 Admiralty Street, North Link Building, Singapore. It is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. The company has handled numerous projects both in Singapore and Malaysia. The company’s primary services include steel fabrication, interior design, and piping works. It serves many industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, food & processing plants, petrochemical plants, industrial and commercial sectors, data centers, marine, and oil & gas industries. The company also provides fabrication and machining of components and structures.


  • Steel Fabrication
  • Piping Works
  • Interior Design

Address: 10 Admiralty Street, #04-63 North Link Building, Singapore 757695.

  1. HG Metal Manufacturing Limited

HG Metal Manufacturing Limited has been in the steel industry for 45 years, providing world-class products and services at a competitive price. It has more than 3,000 types of steel products for various industries. The company offers a wide range of distribution-related services such as retailing trading, commercial activities, sourcing of products for its customers, and distributing them to other ASEAN countries. It also offers value-added services such as customization services, logistics, finishing services, and shipping. The company cuts and bends deformed bars according to the client’s specifications and delivered on time. The steel finishing services include coating, galvanizing, drilling, and cutting. The company has a capacity of 6,000 tonnes per month.


  • HG Distribution
  • View Product Catalog
  • HG Construction Steel
  • HG Industrial Steel and Services
  • Network

Address: 28 Jln Buroh, Singapore 619484.

  1. GT Steel Construction Group Ltd

The company was established in 2003, and it has been offering top-quality products and services. It is ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OSHAS 18001: 2007 Certified as well as an accredited fabricator of the highest S1 category from Singapore Structural Steel Society. The company specializes in the supply, innovative design, fabrication, and installation of various custom and standard made structural steelworks. The structural steelworks include commercial building, industrial building, residential building, data centers, energy plants, water treatment plants, cement plants, aerospace, metal recovery plants, and architectural finishing. It has a team of experts who ensure the fabrication and erection of structural steelworks with high-quality and accuracy.


  • Design of structural steelworks
  • Fabrication of structural steelworks
  • Installation of structural steelworks

Address: 64 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 Singapore 757833.

  1. W Y Steel Construction Pte Limited

W Y Steel Construction Pte Limited was incorporated in 1993 as a legal entity, and it has expanded to general building works, and grown gradually. Today the company offers essential construction services in general building and structural steelworks. The company is a BCA registered A2 general builder, an accredited S1 structural steel fabricator, and a structural steel specialist builder. It offers fabrication, installation, and assembly of the mega-sized structure.


  • General Building Works
  • Structural Steel Works

Address: 9A Sungei Kadut Way Singapore 728779.

  1. TKM Engineering Pte Ltd

The company is a certified steel erector and fabricator with exceptional design capabilities. It was incorporated in 2006, and it has been a member of the Singapore Steel Society since 2001. The company has fully equipped plants with the latest machinery for fabrication processes. It is an ideal solution for all building and construction works at a reasonable rate. The company’s primary services include pre-fabrication detailing, fabrication, installation/erection, design evaluation, and material supply. The structural steelworks involves residential building, commercial building, industrial building, and other plants. The company minds about its employees’ health and safety and is more concerned about the environment.


  • Prefabrication Detailing
  • Fabrication
  • Eraction/Installation
  • Design Evaluation
  • Material Supply

Address: Blk 1050, #01-147 Eunos Industrial Estate, Singapore 409581

  1. LBE Engineering Pte Limited

LBE Engineering Pte Limited was established in 2002, and it has been offering top-quality products and services. It has ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 Certification, meaning its products are high-quality and safe. The company is also a certified builder and accredited structural steel fabricator category 2. It mainly specializes in supply, fabrication, design, installation of metal and structural steelworks. The company also offer engineering and equipment solution to all construction sectors.


  • Fabrication of structural steelworks
  • Installation of structural steelworks
  • M & E Works


  1. Sterling Engineering Pte Ltd

The company has been in the steel industry for over 23 years, ensuring quality, reliability, and efficiency. It firmly believes in those qualities and the ability to transform metal to muscle and steel to strength. The company has been offering solutions to all structural steel in construction and offshore marine industries all over Singapore. The company’s primary services include steel fabrication, CNC bandsaw cutting, CNC plasma & oxy-fuel cutting, steel erection, training hub, and project management. It has been awarded the BCA construction and productivity award.



Address: No. 21 Kranji Link Singapore 728671

  1. T T J Holdings Ltd

The company is based in Singapore, and it has factories in both Singapore and Malaysia. Its primary services are supply, fabrication, design, and installation of various structural steelworks, which is ideal for use in the construction of plants, factories, infrastructures, industries, and dormitories. The company’s manufacturing capabilities involve ship lift platform, heavy lifting cranes, heavy roof truss, steel molds, bomb shelter doors, high rise building, launching girders for highways and bridges, and aluminum parapets for expressways and flyovers. It serves numerous sectors such as military, defense, offshore marine, oil & gas, and automotive.


  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Specialized Engineering
  • Mechanized Car Park
  • Aluminum Parapet
  • Bomb Shelter Door

Address: No. 57 Pioneer Road, Singapore 628508

  1. Chuan Eu International Pte Ltd

Chuan Eu International Pte Ltd is a one-stop-shop for all steel requirement services. It has a good reputation with its customers as it provides high-quality products and workmanship at an affordable rate. The company offers services such as supply, design, fabrication, and erection. The manufacturing of engineered steel structure ranges from power plants, bridges, oil rig components, and towers. The company’s steel mill produces numerous types of steel products like channels, steel beams, and plates from scrap. It also has the capability of cutting, designing, sandblasting, punching, painting, welding, galvanizing, and other kinds of steel fabrication.



Address: 149, Rochor Road #05-09, Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425


Are you looking for steel products or services? Search no more. SUPER STEEL PTE LTD is an excellent choice for you. It was established in 2005, and it has been offering exceptional products and services in the steel industry both locally and over the Asia Pacific Region. The company provides a solution to all-steel product needs from supply-chain management, distribution, and value-added services. It produces over 2000 types of steel products for various industries such as shipbuilding, construction, oil & gas industry, military, among other sectors. The company has a team of skilled experts who ensure that customer satisfaction is met.


  • Steel Fabrication
  • Steel Pipes & Fittings

Address: 18 Benoi Crescent,Singapore 629981

  1. Hub Seng Huat Co. Ltd

Hub Seng Huat Co. Ltd has vast experience in the steel industry for over 60 years, providing world-class products and services. It has a team of highly skilled experts who ensure that the project runs smoothly and accomplished within the stipulated time. The company’s products include structural steel, storage system, pipes, flanges, fittings, and building materials. It serves various industries such as gas & oil industry, automotive, construction, military, among others.


  • Pipes, Fittings, and Flanges
  • Structural Steel
  • Building Materials
  • Storage System

Address: 116 Neythal Road Singapore 628603

  1. Seng Leong Project Pte Ltd

The company has been in the steel fabrication industry since 2001, and to date, it is the leading steel fabricator. It has the capability of handling major projects, even the ones that require more expertise since it has a team of personnel with vast knowledge and know-how in steel fabrication. The projects the company undertakes range from the institution, public, commercial, housing, and building. It uses modern technology to ensure that production is done fast while maintaining quality. The company’s primary services include metal plate cutting, steel fabrication, bending/ shearing/ rolling, CNC pipe profile cutting, and CNC drilling.


  • Steel Fabrication
  • Metal Plate Cutting
  • CNC Pipe Profile Cutting
  • Shearing/ Bending/ Rolling
  • CNC Drilling

Address: 34 Joo Koon Road, Singapore 628986

  1. Hoe Hoe Engineering Pte Ltd

The company is a structural steel specialist since 1971. For nearly 50 years, the company has vast knowledge and experience in structural steelworks, giving its clients the best. The Company’s primary services are design, fabrication, supply, erection of various structural steelworks for construction. The structural steelworks involve commercial buildings, residential buildings, plants, infrastructure, industrial buildings, and aircraft hangars. It delivers full customer satisfaction through reliable work and timely deliveries.



Address: 62 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, Singapore 757832

  1. Chong Fong Engineering Pte Ltd

Chong Fong Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1976, and it has grown gradually to a word-class company recognized internationally. It offers custom engineering solutions to numerous industries, including home appliances and equipment, automobile production line and equipment, and semiconductor parts. The company has a team of qualified experts in different areas who ensure that the project runs smoothly and according to the requirements and specifications provided. Its main services include engineering services, CNC machining, facility maintenance & installation, precision welding/aluminium welding, jig & fixtures, metal structure fabrication, and hydraulic system.


  • Original Equipment Manufacturing
  • Engineering Services
  • Facility Maintenance & Installation
  • Metal Structure Fabrication
  • Precision Welding / Aluminium Welding
  • CNC Machining
  • Jig & Fixtures
  • Lubrication Oil Unit / Hydraulic System

Address: 3 Tuas Ave 10, Singapore 639127

  1. Yongnam Holding Limited

The company has over 40 years of vast experience in steel fabrication while adding value to steel construction. It has a total production capacity of 84,000 tonnes of steel fabrication. The company uses modern technology and innovative design to provide high-quality products and services to its customers on time. It has an in-house pool of skilled and experienced technicians, engineers, riggers, welders, and fitters, who ensure the customer’s project is worked on according to the specifications. The company’s primary services are mechanical engineering, structural steelworks, and civil engineering.


  • Structural steelworks
  • Specialist civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

Address: 51 Tuas South Street 5, Singapore 637644