Steel structure building cost

Steel structure buildings are favored by more and more people. With the continuous maturity of the whole industry technology of steel products, steel structure buildings will become more life-oriented. Many companies that intend to choose steel structure buildings do not know much about its cost. This may lead to some companies wanting to build such buildings, but they choose traditional buildings again because they do not understand the cost.

The construction cost of the steel structure is mainly considered from the following aspects:

  1. The amount of steel required. The steel structure factory cost is the biggest influence. In terms of the source of steel, imported steel is also different from domestically produced steel. It is also different whether it is a color steel plate or a sandwich panel. For the same material, the area that has the greatest impact on the amount of steel is its area. The size of the building area determines the amount of steel used, and of course, the design of the structure is also within the scope of influence.
  2. The size of the building area. This is the main component of the cost of the steel structure plant. The amount of steel required for a large area is relatively high. The cost of the steel structure plant is relatively high. The width quickly determines the size of its area, and of course, it also depends on the structure of the plant design. Closely related.
  3. Steel structure span length. Usually, the larger the span, the lower the cost. Of course, the span is arranged according to its own needs, and the design is different, and the span is also different.
  4. The cost of the crane. If the tonnage selected is too large, it will cause a waste of equipment. If it is too small to meet the construction needs, then you need to choose the crane according to your needs.
  5. The height of the building, the root need, the cost of every 10cm increase is 2% to 3%.
  6. Enclosure structure, this also needs to be considered in cost. Different doors, windows, exterior walls, etc. will have different costs.
  7. Factors related to the type of plant design structure, construction time, purpose, and so on.

After combining these characteristics, the steel structure has made a great contribution to the construction industry. It not only beautifies the environment but also strengthens the house when applied to the house. People’s lives and property are guaranteed, and steel structure houses are truly integrated with nature.

Steel structure cost in the design stage

  1. Color-coated steel plate: Color-coated steel plate is generally used for house panels and wall panels in light steel plants. There are different plate types, different substrate thicknesses and steel grades, different types of galvanized sheets and thickness of galvanized layers, and different color coatings. In terms of form, veneer, thermal insulation composite board, veneer plus internal insulation layer, etc. can be selected. Among them, the insulation layer has different types and thicknesses such as ultra-fine glass wool, hard rock wool, and polystyrene. All-cause the difference of unilateral material prices, thus affecting the total cost of plant engineering. Therefore, the design should be based on the nature of the building, the atmospheric environment, and other factors, and the board should be selected reasonably to control the project cost.
  2. Wall materials of steel structure system of multi-story and high-rise residential buildings: the cost of wall materials generally accounts for 15%-2.5% of the cost of civil engineering. For many, the high-rise residential steel structure system, the choice of supporting, economic, energy-saving wall material is crucial.
  3. Floor decks of multi-story and high-rise steel structure buildings (roofs): When designing, according to the role in the building (house) cover structure system, floor decks can take two forms: a. Floor decks are only used as permanent. Generally, ordinary galvanized profiled steel plates can be used for flexible formwork, which requires lower minimum galvanizing amount and fire resistance time, and is cheaper. b. As a formwork during construction, it is used as a formwork instead of tensile steel during the use stage, that is, composite floor slabs.