Steel structure building is a very integral part of modern-day construction, architecture, and civil

engineering. It has an array of features that make it the best raw material for the construction of

high rise buildings such as skyscrapers, bridges, residential buildings, and huge dams, all of

which can stand a test to time. Advantages of steel structure building in construction include

strength and durability to withstand natural forces, e.g., winds, earthquakes, etc., flexibility

which allows for ease of modification and design simplicity. Lastly, it is cost-effective as

compared to other construction elements. In Egypt, there are a couple of companies that are

renowned for quality production and supply of steel structure building materials. Here is a list.


1. Astron Manufacturing & Engineering       

Astron Manufacturing and Engineering is a specialist in steel fabrication and a leading producer

with a vast reputation in engineering and design, site installation and civil works. The company

takes pride in producing quality steel that will ensure the security, safety, and durability of your

structure. Astron has completed several high profile projects in power stations, cement plants,

and piping projects. The company has a committed workforce of over 300 employees who

produce and serve you in the shortest time possible. Astron has massive production of 300tonnes

of steel per month, ensuring that the end consumer never runs out of construction steel.


  • Engineering & Design
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Site Installation
  • Civil Works

Address: Plot 8B – Block11, 3rd Industrial Zone, Borg Al  Arab, 21936 Alexandria, Egypt

2. Egyptian Steel Fabrication Co.

Egyptian steel fabrication offers an all-inclusive package of steel structure services from the

production of quality steel to site assessment and installation. The company’s construction

operations continue to grow exponentially in Egypt and abroad. Egyptian steel fabrication

commits to deliver quality work output and has completed commendable projects such as steel

building for German university in Cairo, Melitha oil and gas plant in Libya, chemical store, and

administrative building for Mercedes-Benz among others. Over the years, the company has

shown a unique ability to provide products, services, and solutions that meet the global standards

of steel structure market.


  • Structure building
  • Water tubes, fire tubes, and Pipelines
  • Steel grating Anchor bolts

Address: 6th October city,1st Industrial zone, Street 3, partition 167, Cairo, Egypt.

3. OsmaCom

OsmaCom is an off-spring of the Osman group of companies and was established in 20007. It

offers steel structure solutions in Egypt and the greater Middle East. The company aims at

fulfilling the explosive industrial needs with efficient tailor-made and quality solutions that will

set a benchmark for excellence and at a convenient time frame. OsmaCom has a state of the art

manufacturing center in Sadat city, with a pool of experts who utilize world-class technology to

produce quality steel that will stand the test of time. The company is a truly innovative leader in

structural steelworks and has its head office in 20 Haroun Street, Dokki Giza, in Egypt.


  • Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB)
  • Steel Structures
  • Platework

Address: 20 Haroun Street, Dokki, Giza, Egypt

4. Al-Quds Steel

This is a well-established Egyptian company which does have an impressive performance record.

Since 2002, Al-Quds has been supplying high-quality steel at competitive prices, which has

helped its clients achieve most of their goals. The company operates on business principles of

quality service and value reliably. Through its extensive experience, the company has seen

exponential growth and outstanding manufacturing techniques over the years. Al-Quads steel and

construction specializes in pre-engineered steel structure for industrial plants, workshops,

warehouses, cranes, multistore building, and car parking shades, steel doors, and gates. The

company also offers custom-designed services and construction management.


Steel Structure Fabrication

Address: 5 El-Shaheed Tayar Mahmoud Shaker St.- Smouha – Alexandria -Egypt

5. EEC Group

EEC group is a registered company in Egypt that specializes in engineering, construction, and

manufacturing. The company has 45 years’ experience in engineering and development and has

delivered some state of the art facilities over the years. Through their extensive experience, the

company has a global outreach and is present in 37 countries. EEC offers reliable works in

substantial steelworks, steel towers, hot-dip galvanization, cold-formed purlins C& Z, sandwich

panels, and cladding. The company has seen notable success in real estate development, power

and energy industry, and telecommunication.


  • Heavy Steel Structures
  • Steel Tower
  • Cold-Formed – Purlins C & Z
  • Sandwich Panels & Cladding
  • Hot-Dip Galvanization

Address: 19 Markaz El Maalomat St., Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

6. National Company for Steel Structure – NCSS Egypt

Since its inception in 1971, National Company for Steel Structure NCSS has been a leading

manufacturer and exporter of steel and steel-related products in Egypt and the Middle East. The

company has seen its growth double over the past few years as a result of high-quality products

and global standard work output. NCSS specializes in the manufacturing of steel storage tanks

for above or underground, the steel structure of buildings, bridges, and sunshades, as well as the

supply and installation of TCI sumps all across Egypt. The company commits to delivering

quality products and services to its clients every day.


  • Steel Structure
  • Storage Tanks
  • Tank & Dispenser Sumps
  • Petroleum Pipes

Address: Abou Rawash Industrial Area, Cairo, Egypt

7. Elevation Steel Manufacturing (ESM )

Elevation Steel Manufacturing is a steel structure and construction company registered in Egypt.

Since its establishment, the company has been delivering requirements of a wide range of

industrial projects to meet the ever-increasing demand and furnish specialized support for heavy

process plants in Egypt. The company uses the latest production technology to produce quality

and safe steel for construction, which has seen the company gain a considerable market share.

ESM has completed a couple of projects such as telecommunication infrastructure, supply, and

installation of civil works for Green towers, media outdoor advertising billboards, among others.


  • Steel structures, built-up sections
  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Platforms, stairways, pipe racks, supports, and hangers
  • Steel fences for construction projects
  • Steel grating Anchor bolts
  • Media outdoor advertising billboard
  • Overhead Gantry Signboard for Traffic & Media

Address: Villa 31, Street 57, From 90th. Street, 5th, Settlement, New Cairo – Egypt


Schnell ltd is an Egyptian-German transport, trading, and construction company. It is a leading

company in the fields of mechanical and steel structure fabrication, commission, erection, and

plant start-up. Schnell has completed many projects both in Egypt and abroad and has seen it

become a preferred one-stop-shop for steel structure products. The company has an extensive

supply of steel to oil and gas industries, cement plants, power stations, and water treatment

plants. Schnell has a diverse and competent workforce that ensures quality delivery of products

and services.


  • Steel Structure
  • Sheet Metal

Address: Area 8 Block 4 Zone 8 Industrial Zone -15 May City – Cairo – Egypt

9. ALPHA Industries and Construction

ALPHA Industries and construction was established in 1987 amid growth in demand for steel

structure products and is located in El Obour city in Cairo, Egypt. Over the years, the company has

become a leading manufacturer in integrated construction by providing quality services that start

with preliminary conceptual studies, design preparations, and execution of all works. ALPHA

Industries and Constructions have their manufacturing facility that produces a variety of steel

structures at competitive prices. The company specializes in large and medium steel structure

projects such as warehouses, power towers, commercial centers, and administrative buildings.


  • Horizontal Grain Silos
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Public Buildings
  • Interior & Exterior Finishing

Address: El Obour City, 5th District, Block 11001, Plot 3, Cairo, Egypt