In Saudi Arabia, there has been an increase in the use of steel structure in building the various houses. Steel does offer architects more design freedom in terms of color, shape, and texture. Its combination of durability, strength, beauty, precision as well as malleability offers the architects broader parameters to be able to explore ideas as well as develop some fresh solutions. Steel has been known to have long span ability, which does give rise to the large open spaces, free of the intermediate columns or even load-bearing walls. It’s capacity to be able to bend a certain radius, which does create segmented curves or also free form combinations for the arches, domes, or even facades, can set it apart. 

1. Al-Jazera Factory For Engineering Construction Co.Ltd 

This is among the leading companies in the field of fabrication, as well as manufacturing of Steel structure, scaffolding, and tanks. This company is owned by Al Jazera AI Arabia Group of Companies. Some of the activities that this business is involved in include: Steel structure Construction projects, structural scaffolding, Overhead cranes, solar products, and the power transmission towers. This factory does have an area of 11000 square meters as well as an annual capacity for the structural steel is around 15000 MT. Also, the company can be able to boast of a very strong as well as qualified experience team in the Fabrication, Engineering as well as Management to be able to bring out the best technical results. 


  • Pre Engineered Building
  • Structural Scaffolding
  • Solar Products
  • Powder Coating

Address:  P.O.Box 9984 Riyadh 11423 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2. Batterjee for Engineering and Steel Construction 

This company was formed in the year 2009, which was a continuation of the decades of knowledge as well as experience in the various industrial fields. The company does aim to build its name as well as an image as synonymous with high quality, technological capabilities, as well as reliability. Batterjee for Engineering and Steel Construction does have definitive expertise in industrial real. It has been known for its specialization in pharmaceuticals, baby products, medical equipment as well as food, and plastics, among others. This company does use the latest technology in the production of its structural steel as well as Metal construction. When it comes to Quality assurance, it is of primary importance for the company. Therefore, they can review their products often as well as be able to make improvements in line with the international advancements in the industry. 


  • Pre-Engineered Steel Building
  • Residential Buildings Industrial Steel Structures
  • Bridges & Special Structures Wide Span Hangars
  • Warehouses Malls & Showrooms

Address:  P.O.Box 28, Jeddah 2141 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3. Al Shahin for Metal Industries

Al Shahin for Metal Industries is a leader in the field of the multi-purpose structural steel, the sandwich panels as well as pre-engineered steel buildings. Since the year 1978, the company has engaged in the fabrication of steel with constant expansion as well as modernization. This company is based in the industrial city of Riyadh, and this company has been able to take the necessary measures to be able to maintain the highest quality in products as well as service as well as in the process to be able to qualify for OHSAS 18001-2007.  To be able to supply high-quality steel products, it does utilize innovative technologies in a highly motivating environment, which does lead to added value to the customers. 


  • PEB Steel Buildings
  • Structural Steel
  • Sandwich Panel
  • Towers

Address:  Second Industrial City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4. International Building Systems Factory Co., Ltd. (IBSF)

International Building Systems Factory Co., Ltd. (IBSF) began in the year 1993 as a fabricator of the Pre-engineered Buildings as well as structural steel to be able to meet both the commercial as well as the industrial requirements. This company has been able to produce over 10,000 structures which have been shipped to over 36 countries globally. IBSF has also been able to enhance its capabilities over the years to be able to cater to all the commercial as well as industrial fabricated steel requirements of the international EPC contractors and the local general contractors. IBSF is highly dedicated to quality assurance at every stage of the manufacturing process. 


  • Structural Steel
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings
  • Mechanical Works
  • Cladding & Building Accessories
  • Contracting & Installation Services

Address:  Riyadh 2nd Industrial City, Opposite: Police / Fire Station, Al Kharj Road – Riyadh

5. Zamil Steel Pre-Engineered Buildings Co. Ltd.

This company does have the mission of being able to supply high-quality steel products, offering related services and the solutions to the worldwide client base while at the same time being able to utilize the innovative technologies within the environment which ensures that the employees are well motivated and focused on the enhancement of the standards. The company does have a total production of over 6 million meters squared every year. Zamil Steel has been considered to be the largest manufacturer as well as supplier of the pre-engineered buildings in all of Africa and Asia. Since the year 1977, the company has been able to supply over 95,000 buildings to over 95 countries globally. 


  • Pre-Engineered Buildings
  • Roof and Wall Panels
  • Steel Joists and Decks
  • Product Literature
  • Library of Basic Terms
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Address:  Street 11/32, Dammam 1st Industrial City

6. Gulf Specialized Works Co. Ltd.

This is a leading world-class innovator of the manufacturing solution that is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was founded in the year 1994. The company does have 5 integrated divisions that do comprise of Skids, Structural Steel, Storage tanks, Weld Overlay, and Cladding, as well as do offer a wide range of specialized products and services to the companies which are in the gas, oil, petrochemical as well as utility sectors. GSW’s headquarter, as well as main facilities, are located in Jubail Industrial City, Eastern province, with their offices in Yanbu, Western Province. 


  • Weld Overlay
  • Skids
  • Process Equipment
  • Storage Tanks
  • Plant & Maintenance
  • Structural Steel

Address:  Gulf Specialized Works, P.O. Box 10143, Al Jubail Industrial City 31961, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

7. Alfanar Steel Co. Ltd.

Alfanar Steel Co. Ltd. It was founded in the year 1994, and it is a specialized subsidiary business unit of Alfanar Construction Co. It is specialized in a wide variety of steel structural fabrications as well as installations. It is mainly involved in designing, fabrication, installation of the steel structures for the numerous kinds of infrastructure that are related to the electrical power transmission as well as distribution and the communication systems, building, and the industrial sector. It does take an engineering approach to every job, going a step further to institute systems as well as technology, which does ensure quality as well as cost-efficiency.  


  • Power Generation / Plants Structure
  • Transmission Line and Substation Structure
  • Communication & Broadcast Towers
  • Industrial & Commercial

Address:  Road No.150, Beside Saudi Kayan, Industrial Area-2, Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

8. Ramz Co. Ltd.

Ramz Co. Ltd. was established in the year 2011 to be able to cater to the rapidly growing electrical sector that is in Saudi Arabia. By going on to offer quality products and services, this company satisfies client by on-time delivery, quality as well as erection. The company has been highly involved in the engineering, design as well as installation of the steel structure for the numerous kinds of infrastructures that are related to the electrical power transmissions and distribution and the communication systems. 


  • Fabrication & Erection
  • Power Generation & Plants Structure
  • Designing & Engineering
  • Substation Structure
  • Maintenance
  • Communication Towers

Address:  Road 1703, Blk. 317, Diplomatic Area, Kingdom of Bahrain

9. The Dolphin International Steel Company

The Dolphin International Steel Company was founded in the year 2007 through the entrepreneurial finesse as well as efficient management; it has been able to grow to what is now a progressive as well as independent ISO 9001:2008 certified operating company, supply structural steel requirements of light to the heavy industries in Saudi Arabia, which is capable of producing a monthly output of around 1500 tons. The company does have two facilities of the industrial equipment, technology as well as a dedicated management team to be able to meet any requirement of the customer. 


  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • High Precession Plasma Cutting
  • Fabrication Of Structural Frames
  • Fabricated Material

Address:  2nd. Support Industrial Area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

10. Nesma-Havatek Industrial Co. Ltd.

Nesma Havatek offers a wide range of design, engineering, fabrication, repairs, assembly, and erection services of the steel storage tanks of the various sizes, pressure vessels, HRSG boilers, pipe fabrication, as well as steel structures. This company is your ideal choice for the supply or/and construction projects of the above scope as the company does bring you exceptional function as well as the technical expertise that is coupled with highly skilled labor. 


  • Storage tanks
  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • HRSG boilers
  • Piping fabrication and supports
  • ACC dry cooling towers

Address:  2nd Industrial City,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia