When it comes to building, the best steel fabrication companies are usually found in the U.A.E. Steel structure is usually used in a wide variety of applications as well as construction. The Steel fabrication companies can create steel products by bending, cutting as well as assembling the metal materials, usually built with structural steel as well as it is a long-lasting, durable and affordable material for any size of the project.

The steel comes in a different range of sizes as well as shapes, but if the builder still cannot be able to get the required shape and size, they can usually get it to be fabricated to their specifications. The use of steel fabrication has been gaining popularity in the majority of the construction projects in the U.A.E. As you can be able to see, the structural steel manufacture is critical and usually, they have been in use since the mid-twentieth century.

Once you get to select the structural steel fabrication for the construction, you are going to be stunned by its superior strength; this material is among the top-notch choices when it does come to the construction of very tall buildings as well as other large structures. Therefore, you can be able to predict strength as well as durability it does offer for building the homes. It is going to give you the peace of mind that the second floor is being held well or the outdoor stairs are not going to collapse!

Structural Steel Fabrication Companies in U.A.E. List

Yerevan Steel Construction Co L.L.C.

Yerevan Steel Construction Co L.L.C. is among the leading structural steel engineering as well as fabrication company which does have over thirty years of experience when it comes to design, erection and fabrication of the steel structures, as well as cladding, works for a wide variety of applications which does include power stations, warehouses, shopping centers, multi-story building, signage, and bridges structures. The company has established itself as a dynamic company that does handle everything from the small, basic steel fabrication as well as welding job to the large, cladding, and erection projects. Their constant efforts to be able to establish some healthy business relations with their clients with the aim to offer quality and timely delivery.


Emirates Building Systems

This company was established in the year 1997 as the subsidiary of the Dubai Investment PJSC. E.B.S. has been the leading manufacturer of steel structures in the Middle East, apart from being the market leader in the U.A.E. E.B.S. does design, manufacture as well as erects some of the quality steel structures. This is clearly seen in the company’s portfolio that does include various world-class and prestigious building projects. They have been able to establish an impactful international presence in Kenya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc. to be able to cater to the extensive client base across the globe. E.B.S. continues to maintain high and stringent quality measures across their internal systems as well as processes.

Address: PO Box 31396, DIP-1, Dubai, U.A.E.

Nael Steel Structures 

Nael Steel Structures is a company responsible for the various structural steel fabrication works. They are able to do the in-house as well as the outside contract works from the other clients. This factory has state of the art machinery that does include C.N.C. machines, shot blasting plant as well as plasma cutting. This company was established in the year 1998. NGCE was started with an ambitious vision, which is to become the number one contracting company in U.A.E. The company does have a dedicated Research as well as Development Wing, which is headed by the postgraduate structural engineers who are well experienced in the Structural Design.

Address: Po Box 18381, Al Ain, U.A.E.

Techno steel 

Techno steel has been recognized since the year 1992 as a well established as well as proficient steel structure contracting firm that is certified. This company is specialized in constructing commercial, industrial and residential buildings, factories, car parks, bridges, canopies, Hangars, and shopping malls. They are an expert in being able to execute various projects for the steel structures; Fabrication and design, Supply, Erection as well as an installation with the use of the best Computer-Aided System that is backed with the rigorous Q.A. & Q.C. systems standards. Techno Steel has continued to promote effective use of the steel as the construction material, executing activities with high precision as well as safety as the highest priority.

Address: P.O.Box: 21687, Dubai, U.A.E.


This is among the leading as well as established structural companies in the field of the structural steel design, Fabrication, Printing, Construction, and galvanizing of various types of steel projects. It has been well equipped with the modernized C.N.C. machinery which is powered by the dedicated as well as skilled workforce who are highly efficient to be able to cater to the structural requirements of to 18,000 tons every year. To ensure that it does meet industry standards, this company uses the latest software such as the STAAD PRO, PROKON, LIMCON as well as MASTER SERIES for the structural design as well as custom made spreadsheet for the connections.

Address: Office No: 1, 1st Floor, Al Serkal Building, Hor Al Anz, Deira Hor Al Anz East, PO Box: 48485, Dubai – U.A.E

Steel House Construction Company L.L.C. 

Steel House Construction Company L.L.C. is an ISO certified company that has been able to enjoy various recognized achievements as the total solution provider to be able to design-build projects. Some of the key activities of the company include supply as well as erection of the commercial, industry as well as residential steel buildings. The Steel House is having its own strong infrastructure facilities that have some of the best and latest equipment as well as a highly equipped workforce to be able to execute projects to international standards. The company has well-equipped management who are professionals of the highest standards and they have rich expertise in the erection of the simplex to the complex steel structures within a committed time frame as well as duly adhering to the established safety norms.

Address: P.O.Box 3346, Sharjah,U.A.E

German Steel Contracting L.L.C. 

This company does operate in U.A.E. in the region as it does undertake design, fabrication as well as erection of the complex steel structures as well as architectural metal elements for the commercial building, schools, malls, airports as well as the stadium, etc. Structural steel that does include as well as not limited to design, surface finishing, fabrication as well as erection of storage tanks, cladding of the commercial buildings as well as fixing of the decking sheets, commercial buildings, and the primary steel structures for the industrial buildings.

Address: PO.Box: 18275, Ajman, U.A.E

Emirates Building Systems Co L.L.C.

Emirates Building Systems Co L.L.C. was established in the year 1997 as the subsidiary of the Dubai Investments PJSC, the Emirates Building Systems has developed to be known as the respected company, which does specialize in the construction of the high-rise steel building projects. E.B.S. currently operates under the Dubai Investment industries, which is the industrial arm of the Dubai Investments. Currently, it is among the leading manufacturers of steel structures in the Middle East, apart from being market leader in U.A.E., E.B.S. has been able to establish a significant. E.B.S. can be able to design various highly complex steel structures that do include airport terminal buildings, high rise buildings as well as the industrial structures for the process.

Address: PO Box 31396, DIP-1, Dubai, U.A.E.

E.M.I. Steel Industries L.L.C.

This company does specialize in the design, supply, manufacture, as well as installation of lightweight, galvanized steel structural systems as well as hot-rolled structural steelwork. E.M.I. steel industries have been able to trade successfully as well as develop steadily as among the leading LGS contractors in U.A.E. as well as does undertake work throughout the whole Middle East as well as Africa offering quality products as a result of its sustainability, environment-friendly, cost-effective as well as the time-saving production system.

Address: P.O. Box 8952, Al Mafraq Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate

Aarya Engineering

Aarya Engineering is a U.A.E. Engineering Service provider as well as steel fabricator since the year 2005. The company does provide services to companies all over the G.C.C. Aarya is part of the Large Group of companies that does consist of Two steel fabrication facilities. The company has capabilities to make various structures that do include Cryogenic Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Furnaces and heat recovery systems, Well site Production Tanks, etc. You are assured of the timely delivery of your project and high-quality works.

Address: PO BOX # 9505 Sharjah International Airport Free Zone Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Notredame Metal Construction Co. L.L.C.

This is reliable as well as a committed company. It has branded itself as a trendsetter in the Arabian market. This company does specialize in the structural steelworks that does include detailing fabrication, designing, painting, surface preparation as well as erection of the steel structure. The company has specialized in the warehouse, shopping mall, the decorative structure as well as miscellaneous metal works. Quality is their greatest priority. Notredame Metal does ensure that all the projects get to be executed under the highest international standards.

Address: P.O.BOX: 46854 SHARJAH, U.A.E

Kindle Steel Construction Contracting Co. L.L.C 

Kindle Steel Construction Contracting Co. L.L.C is a very distinguished company which has become a leader in the mechanical fabrication tank constructions as well as the steel structures projects. They have a prime objective to be able to execute projects before the schedule with the entire satisfaction of their clients by providing high quality with an excellent safety record. Health and safety are given priority in this company. This is why they never offer substandard buildings. The company has a workforce which is well experienced.

Address: P.O Box 8521. Abudhabi. U.A.E

Runway Steel Contracting 

Runaway Steel Contracting is the leading Engineering Services provider that does operate in Dubai, which is a region which is associated with high-level engineering skills as well as technical innovation. It was incorporated in 2003 and over the many years, this company has been able to earn a reputation to be dynamic, reliable as well as competent in cost while it adheres to the highest standards of quality. The company offers services under 3 broad classifications; design and engineering, commissioning assistance, and construction engineering.

Address: Po Box: 111595, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Prompt Steel Buildings & Contracting L.L.C.

This is the leading diversified group of companies that was established in the year 2006 to be able to cater to market demand for professional services as well as development. This company has been able to focus its activities on the construction business to serve a market boom in U.A.E. and specifically Abu Dhabi. It does provide experienced as well as knowledgeable professionals so as to handle all the phases of the project construction.

Address: P.O.Box: 94559, Abu Dhabi – U.A.E

Deep metals construction contracting L.L.C.

Deep metals construction contracting L.L.C. started its operations in U.A.E. in 2005. Since then, they have been part of numerous projects which have been able to uplift the face of the U.A.E. All these are some of their proud moments. The knowledge they have gathered by their experience has helped them to develop as well as offer the best as well as an economical solution for the changing needs of the customer. The company does offer heavy steel structure fabrication services for the various industries as well as construction companies.

Address: Dubai & Ajman, U.A.E

Advantage of steel structure companies in the U.A.E.

There are very many advantages to hiring streel fabrication companies in U.A.E. The major one is saving money.

You will maybe be able to save money. Despite the majority of the employers paying I.C.s more every hour than they would pay the employees to be able to complete the same work. Usually, it does end up costing more to be able to hire employees.

When you get to hire employees instead of a company dealing in steel structure in U.A.E., you will need to be able to pay more expenses, which you do not have to pay with hiring a contractor.

You will also be required to make payments as well as contributions on behalf of the employees, which does include medical taxes, social security, which does come to about 7.65% of the total compensation of the employees; worker’s compensation insurance as well as the state unemployment compensation insurance.

Another advantage is the flexibility that you get when it comes to flexibility in staffing projects. Working with the steel structure companies in U.A.E. allows the employees a greater leeway in letting go of the workers as well as hiring, which can be advantageous for the employers who do have fluctuating workloads.

You can be able to hire the steel structure companies for specific tasks or even project, knowing well that work will leave when the work is finished. You do not need to have trauma, expenses as well as potential legal trouble which often accompany the layoffs as well as firings.

Also, you can be able to enjoy greater efficiency when you get to hire steel fabrication companies in U.A.E. Steel fabrication companies have specialized in the steel structure, which means that they will be effective and give you the value for the money.

They will be productive immediately, which will effectively eliminate time as well as the cost of training.