Steel structure manufacturing is an essential part of modern-day civil engineering, construction, and architecture. It entails cutting, bending, shaping, and assembling steel to formulate different structural steel designs and products. Steel has an array of features that makes it the best raw material for modern structure construction.  Such features include strength, flexibility, and durability. Unique structures such as dams, bridges, highways, and skyscrapers all depend on steel structure manufacturing. In Oman, there are several companies renowned for their quality work in steel structure manufacturing and more particularly in Pre Engineered steel structure buildings. Pre Engineered steel structure buildings offer an advantage of low cost, safe and simple construction, windproof, and adaptability. Here is a list:

  1. Gulf Structural Steel LLC

Since its establishment in 1974, Gulf structural steel LLC has been in the frontline of steel manufacturing and design since the renaissance period of the Sultanate of Oman. The company is part of a Muscat Overseas Group with its location in Marid Street in Muscat, Oman. Gulf structural specializes in steel engineering and fabrication, erection, and QAQC. The company has a pool of experts who designs and oversee the construction of PEB, industrial building, bridges, and multi-level platforms. Gulf structural steel also creates and implements procurement strategies that are cost-effective and glowing complexities within the industry.


  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Erection
  • QAQC
  • Fabrication

Address: Plot No. A/197, Building No. A/155/1, Road No. 61, Al MaridStreet, Muscat, Oman.

  1. Growth International LLC

Growth International LLC is one of the leading construction companies in Oman since its inception in 2007. Over the years, the company has steadily built a solid reputation for market excellence in the field of construction and real estate. The company has a specialty in Steel Structure, Civil Services, Mep Services, and Real Estate. Due to its distinguished track record, the company has experienced tremendous growth throughout Oman by identifying dependability, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction. The company applies state of the art technology and machinery to produce high-quality standards products.


  • Steel Structure
  • Civil Services
  • Mep Services
  • Real Estate

Address: Al Marafah St, Muscat, Oman.

  1. Excellent Steel  LLC

Excellent steel LLC is a pioneer in steel structure design, production, and installation, with a vast experience of operation in Oman. The company specializes in Cargo Bodies and tanks, Heavy, Steel Structural Fabrication, Fabrication of Water Tanks, Oil Field Skids, Core-loc, and Pre-engineered steel building. The company’s manufacturing operations continue to grow exponentially in Oman and abroad, and this has seen it gain considerable traction in the steel structure market. Excellent Steel LLC has a large as well as well-equipped workshop at the Barka with all the latest machinery for cutting, welding, and drilling.


  • Cargo Bodies and tanks
  • Heavy Steel Structural fabrication
  • Fabrication of Water Tanks
  • Oil Field Skids
  • Core-loc
  • Pre-engineered steel building

Address: Wadi Kabir Industrial Estate, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

  1. North West Engineering Works LLC

The North West Engineering Works is an ISO certified engineering company in Oman. It provides in design, manufacturing and erection services for Pre-engineered steel building, profile sheets, and purlins. The company has a large manufacturing facility strategically located in Rusayi Oman, equipped with the latest state of the art CNC machinery and equipment. North West Engineering specializes in Pre-engineered Buildings, PEB Frames, PEB Accessories, and Profile sheet and Secondary Members. Over the years, the company has shown a unique ability to provide products, services, and solutions that meet the global standards of steel structure market.


  • Pre-engineered Buildings
  • PEB Frames
  • PEB Accessories
  • Profile sheet & Secondary Members

Address: Road No.15, Rusayl Industrial Estate, Sultanate of Oman.

  1. Premier Production Fabricators LLC

Premier Production Fabricators LLC is a premier engineering and construction group in Oman. Since 2005, the company has been specializing in steel structure manufacturing, pressure vessels, and storage tanks and has since established the largest manufacturing facility in the Rusayi industrial area. Premier Production Fabricators commits to meet international steel structure standards and fulfill the gap of pre-engineered steel buildings, process equipment, and smart cabins in Oman. The company utilizes its pool of experienced engineers, well-equipped facilities, and modern software and machinery to produce quality steel designs and products.



Address: Plot #: 332 & 333, Road #: 07, Rusayl Industrial Estate, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.


FERROTECH ENGINEERING LLC was established foreseeing the need for quality and committed contractors in the field of oil and gas. The company has a specialty in Steel Structures fabrication, Plate Works, Airport Structures, Piping’s, Pre Engineering Buildings. It also ventures in Aluminum Smelter Equipments and Misc. Steel Structure. The company applies state of the art technology and machinery to produce high-quality standards products, and its operations continue to grow exponentially in Oman and abroad. FERROTECH ENGINEERING LLC also offers custom-designed services and construction management.


  • Steel Structures
  • Plate Works
  • Airport Structures
  • Pipings
  • Pre Engineering Buildings.
  • Aluminum Smelter Equipment
  • Misc. Steel Structure

Address: Plot No.5137 P.O. Box- 323, P.C-322, Sohar Industrial Area,  Sohar Sultanate of Oman.

  1. Modern Metal Works LLC

Modern Metal Works LLC is steel fabrication, erection, and commissioning company in the sultanate of Oman. The company is an expert in stainless steel fabrication, carbon steel, and aluminum Modern LLC also doubles up in support structure and piping for plants, pressure vessels, and storage tanks. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has overwhelmingly accomplished several high-profile projects in the sultanate. The company takes pride in its diverse and competent workforce that delivers quality services and work output to its clients. Modern LLC has a state of the art machinery and equipment that allows for production with high-level precision.


  • Industrial Construction, Steel Fabrication, Maintenance, Construction Resource Supply
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Steel Alloys fabrication
  • Plant Structure, Plant Piping, Equipment Fabrication, Erection, Commissioning, Maintenance
  • Architectural building Works like Canopy, Pergola, Dome, Feature Wall, etc
  • Security Grill, Hand Rails, Ladder, Cages, etc
  • Storage tank, Hopper, Silos, etc
  • Skylight framing, specialized metalwork

Address: Off GhalaNizwa Road, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

  1. Saham Samhan Trading & Contracting LLC

Saham Samhan Trading & Contracting LLC is one of the competent steel fabrication companies in Salalah Oman. The company offers services in design, manufacturing, and installation of steel structures. Saham Samhan was established in 2004 and is situated in the industrial area of Salalah. It has a large manufacturing facility and well equipped with heavy-duty shearing, bending, rolling, and cutting machines. The company has a specialty in Structural Fabrication Steel Works, Stainless Steel Works, Miscellaneous Steel Works, Machine Shop, Erection Works, and Architectural Metal Works.


  • Structural Fabrication Steel Works
  • Stainless Steel Works
  • Miscellaneous Steel Works
  • Machine Shop
  • Erection Works
  • Architectural Metal Works
  • Painting Works
  • Surface Treatments

Address: Behind Caterpiller Showroom, Sanaiya, Salalah 211 Sultanate of Oman

  1. National Steel Fab LLC

Since its establishment in 1998, National Steel fabrication limited has been at the forefront of the quality production of structural steel in Oman. The company offers custom-built design, manufacturing, and installation. National Steel Limited has proven to be more competitive than other companies as it has vast experience in its line of work, produces superior quality at a competitive price, and delivers on time. This has seen the company gain considerable traction in market share and reputation across the sultanate of Oman.


  • Design & Fabrication of Steel structure
  • Maintenance & Modification of Steel structure

Address: Building No. 3161, Way No. 6042, Street No. 66, Ghala (Industrial Area), Sultanate Of Oman.

  1. M/s. Steel Buildings LLC

For the past 13 years, M/s. Steel Buildings LLC has been an excellent grade construction company committed to pre-engineered steel structures. The company is in collaboration with various other companies such as the Centraal Staal International, which is a shipping company, and Architectural steel manufactures in Holland. This collaboration has seen the company experience an exponential growth both in Oman and abroad. M/s. Steel Buildings LLC has a large factory in Sohar Industrial area that is well equipped with modern machinery for precision production. The company excels in Steel Buildings, Infrastructure, Steel, and Aluminum.


  • Steel Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Steel & Aluminium
  • MEP
  • IT & Low Voltage
  • Gypsum & GRC

Address: Building No.: 775, Madinat Sultan Qaboos.