The steel industry has always been a crucial part when it comes to the development of different sectors. The continued demand for this metal and its products has led to the growth of steel structure manufacturers in Sri Lanka. The industry has several manufacturers, each of them giving its best to the customers. Here are the best firms in the industry.

Steel structures are some of the most dependable and durable constructions in the world. People trust and depend on steel fabricating companies to achieve their daily activities. These services range from design and steel fabrication, erection, and supply of steel structures, among others.

Over time, the steel structure and fabrication industry have become larger and with huge players. Therefore, finding the right fabrication company with variety and standard steel parts has become challenging. Here are the main steel structure manufacturers in Sri Lanka.

1.International Building Systems Factory Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

International Building Systems Factory Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a leading company in construction and building design. The company is the best supplier for prefabricated and pre-engineered steel structures in Sri Lanka. Currently, they are partnering with Steel team Construction Pvt Ltd from the UK for technical expertise. 

The IBSF become a registered company in 2003 and adheres to ISO regulations and thus quality products and final structures. They have a certificate for water supply and drainage and another for buildings. However, their construction capabilities are far wider, including civil and residential works (real estate development), design-build and waterworks, and more.


  • Design & Build
  • Building Construction
  • Design, Fabrication, Erection & Supply of Steel Structures
  • Residential Construction
  • Water Supply & Drainage
  • Real Estate and Property Development

Address: No. 22, Pasihena Road, Kelaniya.

2. Advantis Projects & Engineering (PVT) Ltd.

One of the reputable solution providers in the steel structure industry. The company has over 20 years of experience in providing logistical and apt engineering solutions. Some of the services you might encounter include structural designing, steel structure manufacturing, and fabrications, conventioneers, pre-engineered buildings as well as research and development. Others are freight and Cargo holding and lifting high rise buildings.

Research and development aimed at providing ingenious solutions for all steel buildings, steel fabrication, and other project management issues that arise. Additionally, the products, projects awarded, and services provided follow strict standards with deployment, and completion is according to schedule.


  • Pre- Engineered Buildings
  • Steel Structures and Fabrications
  • Containers
  • Structural Design
  • Steel Structure Manufacturing
  • Structural Erection
  • Freight and Cargo Handling
  • High rise Building Lifting
  • Research and Development

Address: 148 B, Nawalokapura, Sedawatta, Wellampitiya,Sri Lanka.

3. OLINCO Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.

The award-winning company specializes in offering consultation services for different entities in Sri Lanka. Their clean and impressive reputation precedes the company in providing working solutions to industrial and commercial businesses.

Olinco Engineering also offers pre-fabricated steel structures, design, and construction services. The company commits to designing metal structures that are durable, firm, and environmentally friendly. They can transform any simple idea into a modern architecture that is stylish and functional.


  • Consultancy
  • Designing
  • Construction
  • Pre Engineered Building Systems

Address: No: 124/A, Liyanagahawatta, Wanaluwawa, Dompe

4. Mahendra Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. 

Mahendra Engineering continues to deliver trusted services to match client specifications. Their quality control is providing the best products and delivering as indicated. As a result, they have some of the best design and structural engineers with vast experience in steel fabrications and design.

The company specializes in steel structures such as warehouses, shopping malls, and multi-storied units for residential housing, performance stages pavilions, and more. It is one of the companies that work outside Sri Lanka on Turnkey basis.


  • Steel Structure
  • Civil Structure
  • General Steel Fabrications
  • Products on offer

Address: 376, Colombo Road, Pepiliyana, Sri Lanka

5. SMR Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.

Since its inception, SMR Engineering Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka provides unsurpassed steel structures and fabrication services. From commercial structures, warehouse structures, factory complexes, and luxury apartments, house and turnkey constructions are some of the services offered. The company moves with the complex and demanding industry.

SMR Engineering helps your source your steel structures and any other engineering services, including design and construction. Adhering to set regulations on steel quality, the company provides stable and durable structures. Their prices are also competitive, making it the right company from which to source your services.


  • Commercial Constructions
  • Turnkey Constructions
  • House Constructions
  • Warehouse Buildings
  • Factory Complexes
  • Luxury Apartments

Address: No. 1/3, Swarna Place, Nawala, Sri Lanka

6. Captain Steel (Pvt) Ltd.

One of the longer serving manufacturers since 1994. The company is ISO certified with two productions unit in Sri Lanka. Accompanying ISO is the SLS certification and Mark for special Thermo mechanically treated (TMT) rods. The company also specializes in the production of steel structures, including MS square bars, and reinforcement steel and MS round bars.

Other structures or products include MS Angles, the MS I beams, MS Flats as well as the MS Channel. Apart from a variety of products and services, there is quality customer service that enhances professional growth and timely delivery of services.


  • TMT Bars
  • MS Angles
  • MS Round bars
  • MS ‘I’ Beams
  • MS Flat
  • MS Channel
  • MS Square Bar

Address: 249/3, Waikkiyawatta Road, Pahala Bomiriya, Kaduwela

7. Roofmart (Pvt) Ltd.

Initially, the company was all about steel building and construction. Later, it evolved and now encompasses steel products manufacture. These products include cladding and roofing sheets, rainwater accessories, and C&Z purlin. They are still growing and venturing into barbed wire and chain link fence manufacture.

LAUGFS Engineering products are efficient, safe, and durable such as heat insulation as well as packaging solutions. They provide quality and technical customer support to ensure maximum satisfaction while meeting the steel structure standard code in Sri Lanka. The company relies on technology for continuous development and delivery of service.


  • Steel Building Products
  • Heat Insulation Products
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Steel Building Systems
  • Chain Link Fence & Barbed Wire

Address: N0. 238, Werahara, Boralasgamuwa, Sri Lanka

8. Three Sinha Industries (PVT) Ltd.

The Three Sinha is a family named company with over 50 of experience in the steel structure business. You can easily access roller doors and shutters, sliding and swing gates, solar products, steel building, and more. Their innovative and corporate culture continues to evolve in terms of respect, dedication, and continuous improvement in providing workable solutions.

The company commits to change and identifies with the necessity to change with time. Therefore, they have state of the art techniques in steel manufacture and the best delivery systems. The aim is to acquire relevant information in engineering and express knowledge in manufacturing. At the same time, they are customer dependent, and their needs take priority.


  • Avra-roof
  • Avra-purlins
  • Prefabricated Steel Buildings
  • Heat Insulation Products
  • Roofing Ventilation systems

Address: 448 Nawala Road, Koswatta, Rajagiriya.

9. LAUGFS Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

LAUGFS Engineering is one of the registered ISO-compliant companies in Sri Lanka. It is also reputable as a construction industry development authority (CIDA) providing light, heavy-duty, and medium engineering projects while specializing in steel fabrication for different products in Sri Lanka.

The company can handle various services, including painting, powder coating, sandblasting, and many more. They have quality control through a smooth functional team and experienced personnel. Their service applications range from Silos, Carriers, Civil construction, steel fabrication, as well as prefabricated buildings.


  • Civil Construction
  • Bridges
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Structures
  • Carriers
  • Silos
  • Prefabricated buildings

Address: No. 311/3,  Biyagama Road, Mabima, Heiyanthuduwa, Sri Lanka.

10. U.S.S. Engineering (PVT) LTD.

Founded in 1980, the USS Engineering is one of the best industrial operators with experience in the engineering field. The company specializes in fabrication, galvanizing, and manufacture of steel products. Also, they do concrete poles, infrastructure, and commercial buildings.  

The company is CIDA and ISO certified for steel fabrication. It provides the local market with essential services and exports to the international market as well. Some of the products and services accessible to you via USS engineering include steel hardware and concrete products. Most applications are in water supply and drainage, power transmission lines, and electrical engineering work.


  • Steel Hardware Products
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Concrete Products
  • Electrical Engineering Work
  • Power Transmission Lines
  • Water Supply & Drainage

Address: 20/83, Fairfield Gardens, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka.

11. R.N Metal Building Contractor (Pvt)Ltd.

It is one of the newest steel fabrication companies to grace the list and our businesses. They offer specialized skills in steel construction and other industrial services. They can supply steel structures with erection services, fireproof painting, supply, and installation of overhead cranes as well as designing the whole structure.

Using simple steps, the company has modernized the service with new equipment and the pest preventive maintenance and inspection procedures. Safety, strength, and performance is a priority to this company. Get immediate and fast customer service on R>N Metal Building Contractors Pvt.


  • Steel supply and erection
  • Designing , Details
  • Fabrication
  • Fireproof Painting on steel structure
  • Supply & install overhead crane

Address: 03 Pentreven Garden, Colombo 03 00300, Sri Lanka

12. MELWA (Pvt)Ltd.

Melwa Pvt is another family-owned and runs the company. The only difference is that their need for innovative solutions for steel structures in raising safety and quality levels surpasses that of any other entity. Many believe that the company is on a path to becoming a great economic leader internationally in the steel industry.

The company prides itself in offering the best construction materials, galvanized steel products, brass fittings as well as steel fabrication. Melwa Pvt has two different SLSI ISO certifications, SLS certificate number 375, and many other quality control guidelines. Their GI pipes and tubes are some of the best on the market.


  • Construction Materials
  • Galvanized Products
  • Brass Fittings
  • Fabrication

Address: No 122, Maha Vidyalaya Mawatha, Colombo-13, Sri Lanka.

13. Amano construction (Pvt) Ltd.

Amano Construction is one of the best companies on the market today. As a trusted engineering company, their services and products range from cement or concrete blocks, wall and gate cladding, ready mix concrete, Amano spandrel and paving as well as gutters and downpipe installation or erection. Some of the applications include building bridges.


  • Amano Paving
  • Cement / Concrete Blocks
  • Gutters and Down Pipes
  • Wall & Gate Cladding
  • Amano Roofing
  • Amano Spandrel
  • Ready Mix Concrete

Address: AMANO Building, 162, Galle Road, Soysapura, Katubedda.

14. Dad Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.

Dad Engineering majors in manufacturing steel parts, exporting, providing engineering services while providing the same parts for sale or continuous supply. Some of the applications or products manufactured include steel building, steel bulk for storage ranks, steel structures and steel section rolling. The company undertakes design, cutting and shaping, and the production of steel products.


  • Steel Building
  • Steel Bulk Storage Tanks
  • Steel Section Rolling
  • Steel Structures

Address: 273/A Moratuwa Road Suwarapola Piliyandala, Piliyandala, – 10250, Sri Lanka

15. Industrial Engineering Enterprises Co (Pvt) Ltd.

The only company with a certification for construction training and development for new engineers on the market. Also, it is a member of the National Construction Association in Sri Lanka and owns an ISO quality control and guideline manual in steel manufacturing.

The company inspires credibility even before viewing the available products and service applications on display. The personnel is competent in specialty steel fabrication and supply, mechanical pipework, designing shop drawings, and in using steel software. They can also sandblast and conduct a top-class paint job and additional welding on hand. This makes them highly versatile and an excellent choice for any resources you need.


  • Specialty in steel fabrication & Supplying
  • Shop Welding
  • Sandblasting & Painting work
  • Specialty work and fabrication
  • Mechanical pipework
  • Portable field units
  • Designing shop drawings & Using advance steel software

Address: No: 650/14, Industrial Estate, Galle Road, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka