Structural steel fabrication is mostly used in the construction industry. Structural steel fabrication is a very complex process, and it does involve several steps that do include: surface cleaning, punching, and drilling, cutting and machining, straightening, rolling and bending, fitting and reaming, fastening, finishing, the quality control, the surface treatment as well as transportation. From the construction of skyscrapers to the bridges to the pre-engineered buildings and various industrial equipment, structural steel has been the first choice among designers’ contractors and engineers.

How to be able to find the best steel fabrication, Adelaide

The quality, as well as the appearance of fabricated steel that you require for a specific project or even application, is going to depend greatly on the steel fabrication company which you are going to choose. To ensure that you can get the highest quality products or even supplies, you must consider the following guides when choosing the steel manufacturing company.

It is important to ensure that you can find a steel forged company that does have experience as well as the ability to be able to work with a wide range of metals. For instance, a component of the infrastructure may need stainless steel as parts, while in a few cases, copper or mild steel may be required. Therefore, you must select a fabricator which have different types of materials that are capable of producing various materials.

Various techniques are applied in the production of steel for the various types of metals. Hence, a forged company must be able to have all the necessary types of machinery that are capable of handling all the possible requirements. You must go with a company which does have skilled, talented as well as qualified craftsmen with experience in the numerous types of steelmaking techniques.

Structural Steel Fabrication Adelaide List

Adelaide Steel Fabrications

This steel fabrication is an Australian owned family business which was established in May 2006. The company does pride itself on the high-quality workmanship as well as outstanding service. It is based in Western Suburbs Adelaide, and it has successfully completed a wide range of high-quality structural steel as well as metal projects. The company can handle structural steel fabrications as well as erection project, anywhere. They have a highly trained professional staff, ensuring that the project will be delivered on time and quality delivered are of high quality.

Advanced Steel Fabrications

This is the leading South Australian Company with a proud history in the structural steel industry. The advanced steel fabrications do operate an integrated quality, safety, health as well as environmental management system across all their business activities. This does enable them to be able to monitor, report, develop, and review results in line with their business objective to keep them on the path of continuous enhancement.  During the past 30 years, the company has been able to experience continuous growth to be able to meet the needs of its customers as a market leader when it comes to the fabrication economics as well as technology.

Allsteel Fabrications

Allsteel Fabrications can be able to design, supply as well, as install various structural steel for the construction of the large as well as small projects over a wide range of industries. Some of the projects that have been completed include Mezzanine floors, reservoirs upgrade, school building upgrades, water storage towers, numerous projects for the civil engineering industry as well as explosive storage bunkers for the Defence industry. The company has been in operation since January 2003. From that time, it has proved itself as a company that is respectable when it comes to reliability, workmanship, personalized service, and high quality.

Strangio Structural Steel

Strangio Structural Steel offers all your fabrication requirements. The services that they offer ranges from design, fabrication as well as erection. The team is fully qualified, and they have successfully completed a wide range of quality steel structures within the South Australian construction industry. Their services include t-beams, angles as well as columns for both the domestic as well as commercial projects. The company does strongly focus on their client’s needs, offering detailed quotations, professional advice, and solution from the experience and qualified team.

Galletta’s Engineering

This a family-owned business that has been in operation with over 50 years of experience. The company does offer quality workmanship for the structural steel and wrought iron projects. Galleta’s Engineering can easily fabricate and supply steelwork for the new house or extension on the existing home. In addition, they fabricate as well as supply the structural steel for the small to the medium size commercial projects.

McMahon Metal Fabrication

McMahon Metal Fabrication is family-owned, and it has been in operation since 1980, and it has grown to become among the highly reputable steel fabrication suppliers. The company is highly committed to the customer’s needs and expectations by following the in-house Quality Management System. With an experience of over 1000 years of the metal industry, workers at the McMahon Metal Fabricators clearly understand the importance of remaining flexible as well as responding quickly to ensure that the critical deadlines are met.

HMV Engineering Pty Ltd  

HMV Engineering was established in 2004 by people who are highly experienced in all sectors of building and the construction industry. HMV industry easily provides customers with a start to finish services by offering to draft, experienced tradesman trained to provide high-quality results and finally install and erect structural steel. Their expertise, attention to detail, as well as a genuine commitment to excellence, which does mean delivering innovative as well as cost-effective structural solutions on time as well as on budget.


WILLIAMS METAL FABRICATIONS manufacture reliable and highly innovative solutions for high-end infrastructural projects. Their business and their personnel stretch boundaries of what can be achieved, no matter what the project or what the client requires. The company is based in South Australia and family-owned and operated, and the team has grown with the company. Steel, as well as Aluminium fabrication, is at the heart of their business. The company does have a team of fabricators who are highly experienced in the industry.

Lincoln Engineers

Lincoln Engineers have been in operation for over 50 years. Their major focus is on the structural steel fabrication and erection working across industries and the residential markets. The company has been highly involved in the building of hundreds of iconic projects around Greater Adelaide, South Australia, and across Australia. This company is involved in structural steelwork, which does range from the light to heavy structures for the industrial as well as commercial buildings.

Samaras Group

Samaras family founded the company in 1974. This company has grown to become the largest privately-owned multi-disciplinary heavy engineering and construction services provider with a solid reputation for the innovation, quality, service, and their on-going commitment to safety. They have a work-force of more than 220 highly experienced tradesmen as well as construction professionals. The company does specialize in the largest and most complex projects the industry has to offer. They take pride in their ability to exceed the expectations of their clients.

Best Structural steel fabrication Adelaide companies

In our review, we found these to be the best Structural steel fabrication Adelaide companies.

1 Galletta’s Engineering

The company does fabricate as well as supply structural steel for small to medium-sized commercial projects. Whether you are a builder or a home handyman, the company will be happy to give you free measures and quote for the next project for free.

2 Lincoln Engineers

With an experience of over 50 years in the industry, the company does an exceptional job across commercial, industrial as well as residential markets. They have worked on some of the iconic projects in Australia.

3 McMahon Metal Fabrication

The company has been in the business for over 35 years, and it has grown to become the most-reputable steel fabrication supplier. They have a thorough understanding of their client needs as well as a collaborative approach throughout the concept as well as design stages that ensure the completed product is delivered meeting the specification.

4 Samaras Group

The company is highly committed to getting high-quality results throughout their organization and high-quality personnel every time through their in our house Quality Management System.


Steel is durable, and it is corrosion resistant as well as tensile. It is quite lighter in relation to the other building materials such as concrete and wood. The strength of steel is higher compared to its density, which does make it an excellent choice for construction. It is a sustainable metal. Buildings that are well constructed have been known to have a minimum shelf time of 20-30 years if they are maintained well.