Typically, many buildings these days require fabricated steel during construction. Structural steel is the go-to material for fabrication. This is because of the immense benefits it has.  Thus, before you commence that building in Perth, it is essential to check out the structural steel fabricators in your locality. In this guide, you will find a review of some of the best available.

Considerations Before Choosing a Structural Steel Fabricator

If this is your first building, you may be at a loss about many things that relate to structural steel fabricators. Typically, without guidance, you can make some costly mistakes. To help you make an informed choice, here are a few things you should check off before going with any supplier.

1. Experience

The company you settle for should have a stellar track record. They should have experience in fabricating structural steel. No doubt, even reputable companies sometimes disappoint. Thus, the possibility of underwhelming work might still exist.  However, all things being equal, you can weed out surprises by going with experienced hands.

2. Capability

This is the second most vital factor to consider. You have to make sure the company can handle your project. For instance, if yours is a huge project, it hardly makes sense to go with a small company.

3. Pricing

You want to go with a company whose quote is within your budget. Find out what the industry rate is, and consider it against what the company is offering. This should quickly tell you what is fair.

4. Customer Service

If you run into any challenges, you will have to speak to the company’s customer care personnel. Thus, you first need to establish that a complaint resolution system exists. Then ascertain what those are and how efficient they are.

Top 10 Structural Steel Fabrication Companies in Perth

1. Acute Fabrication

Address: 72, Erceg Rd, Yangebup WA 6164.

Acute Fabrication was formed to fill a yawning gap in the Australian construction scene. Hence, it has worked to provide reliable and trustworthy services to clients.

This company has garnered quite the experience in the Oil and Gas sector.  It has also worked with some of the biggest names in the construction business, providing on-demand fabrication services. Some of its areas of expertise include pipe and structural fabrication, all forms of construction, and maintenance services.  Its client base comprises Remondis, Oceanic Supply, among others.

2. A.B. Steel Fabrication

Address: 52 King Edward Road, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017.

  1. B. Steel Fabrication has been around since 1972. It is a family-owned business that has sustained the reputation of paying attention to details while delivering quality services.

The company manufactures and supplies wrought iron balustrades, structural steel fabrication, balustrading, and general metalwork.

Specialties include aluminum fabrication, architectural metalwork, steel repair, mobile welding, and stainless steel fabrication. It also provides extensive services for industrial and commercial firms located in Perth.

Relying on its years of experience in the field, the company guides clients and offers advice on the best options. It also offers free measure and quote for potential clients.

3. Metalwork WA

Metalwork WA is a steel fabrication company with a fully functional workshop in Perth.  This workshop is outfitted with a 5 tonne overhead crane and has an open space ideal for construction projects. It carries out steel fabrication for various kinds of metal, including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

Metalwork WA specializes in quite a number of areas. It constructs walkways, balustrades, frames, decorative screens, access ramps, bays, and so much more.

This company’s list of clients includes notable companies like Probuild and Mirvac.

4. Ascent Structural & Architectural Steel

Address: 260 Maida Vale Rd, High Wycombe WA 6057

Ascent Structural & Architectural Steel claims to provide structural fabricated steel for all projects.

Ascent has fabrication facilities that it uses to work to any client’s specifications. It also engages in installation services. Its installation teams can include up to twenty persons, depending on the project’s size and the specifications from the client.  The company is also big on compliance and safety. Its team members have certifications. This arms them with the requisite experiences to provide quick and safe installation services.

Ascent has contributed to some of the most successful projects in Western Australia. These include small, medium, and large construction projects.

5. Perth Steel Pty Ltd

Address: 1, Contest Link, Henderson, WA 6166, Australia.

Perth Steel Pty Ltd has spent more than 25 years in the industry. It has built a team made up of expert individuals that promise to see every project from start to finish.

The company has facilities to handle every aspect of any contract. Thus, every part, including the estimation, survey, design, and even fabrication of structural steel, is covered. It also provides on-site welding if the client requires that.

Perth Steel has mobile teams that routinely assist the West Australian marine industry with purpose-built fabrication items.

6. Heliarc Fabrication

Address: Perth Metro Area.

Heliarc Fabrication prides itself on being Australian-owned and built. It also highlights its support for Australian businesses, especially ones owned by young people.

This company has been in the industry for more than 15 years. Thus, it has acquired significant experience in mild steel, aluminum, and Stainless Steel. It also offers its services both for industrial, commercial, and even domestic uses. Situated in Perth, it makes deliveries all over Australia.

Some of the attractive features of Heliarc includes its use of locally sourced materials, efficient customer service system, professional artistry, and years of experience.

7. Park Engineers Pty Ltd

Address: 388-402 Welshpool Rd, Welshpool, Western Australia 6106.

Park Engineers was founded in 1955, making it one of the oldest companies in the country. Also, with 3 workshops and over 80 members of staff, it is one of the biggest steel fabrication companies, too. It is technology-focused, possessing fully integrated CNC machines for delivering quality products in record time.

Park Engineers hold that it can fabricate and deliver steel for projects of any size. Some of its advantages include its compliance with Australian Quality Standards, a stable and experienced workforce, a strong commitment to excellence, etc.

The company has quite a number of notable projects to its name. Some of these include the Argyle Diamond Mine, Cockburn Cement Kiln, and Worsley Alumina Refinery.

8. Fremantle Steel Group

Address: 115 Prinsep Road, Jandakot, WA, 6164.

The Fremantle group is a combination of two companies – Fremantle Steel Fabrication and Park Engineers. Between them, they possess over 100 years of experience. The group also runs an interstate crane and transport hire service. This way, it delivers products across the country.

Its broad range of offers includes modular construction, plate-work, as well as fabricated structural steel.

Fremantle Steel Group has, over the years, provided fabricated steel for projects in several key areas. These include the mining, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, and Commercial industries.

9. WA Steel Sales

Address: 19-21 May Holman Drive, Bassendean, WA 6054.

WA Steel has been around for more than 3 decades. Its expertise is steel fabrication. Hence, it works best with both stainless and aluminum steel.

The company offers total commitment through the entire process. It works with the client through the conception stage until the product is finally completed.

WA Steel is technology-focused and thus invests in state-of-the-art equipment. This also results in cost-effective products that appeal to clients.

10. ItalSteel Committed

Address: 1 Forge Street, Welshpool, Western Australia.

This is another old company in the industry. Italsteel has been around since 1979; this makes it one of the oldest in the Western Australia area. It states that its expertise is the manufacturing of complex structural steelwork.

This company makes use of the latest technological offerings in the industry. Thus, it offers clients specialist services in 3D modeling, fabrication, and installation of steel.

The company’s strongest suits are its dedication to quality and experience. For the former, the company holds that it operates beyond industry standards at every given opportunity. The latter relies on its reputation and years of experience to continue to deliver optimum service.

Our Recommendations

  1. B. Steel Fabrication

This is a solid choice because of its years in the industry. Having been around for over 3 decades speaks to its ability to remain relevant over time. As stated in the beginning, experience is a huge consideration when choosing a supplier. This company has it in abundance. Apart from this area, there are other notable areas of strength. For instance, it offers an appreciable range of services and has testimonials from clients to back up its claims. Prospective clients can quickly check them out on the social media platforms they are present in, to easily verify any spurious claims.

  1. Metalwork WA

This company has one of the most sophisticated facilities of any supplier on the list. It also has the facilities to handle steel fabrication projects of all sizes. It tops it all with a responsive customer care system.

  1. Fremantle Steel Group

Like A.B. Steel Fabrication, the Fremantle Group has experience on its side. However, its most prominent attraction is that it houses two companies under one roof. The expertise provided by the two companies will be invaluable to any prospective client. [87


With the information we have presented, you can tick one item off your construction list. Whenever you need a competent company for your structural steel needs, simply choose your most preferred steel fabricator from our list. Their services and offerings are top-notch and of high repute.