Steel has now become an iconic material for structural framework of many commercial buildings and Melbourne based Qingdao Director Steel Co. LTD, has established a reputation for its adept use Value Editorial of steel to forge some of the most well designed commercial structures for its clients in Australia and around the world.

There’s no doubt that in order to add value to your commercial premises and total worth of your business, Qingdao should also be of impeccable value in both the skill of our workers and steel materials, steel design and steel workmanship

If you happen to be one of those aspiring to find and secure an attractive home for your business, you’re on the right page. Here we will tell you that we:

  • employ expert steel workers who have constructed a plethora of commercial steel structures that include offices and grand stands, aircraft hangers, officers locally and a host of other commercial steel structures globally.
  • provide continuous services for more than 10 years from our commercial hub, a 40,000 sq. meters of steel fabricated structure that comfortably provides a suitable working environment for our more than 200 fully trained fabricators
  • operate numerous lines of steel welding, steel paneling, steel sectioning and steel corrugating to produce all the shapes and sizes of steel structural frameworks for every project we decide to take on.
  • enable customers to participate as steel design partners in scrutinizing the initial stages of our steel designing process.
  • we do all the work involved from molding and installing the steel frameworks, roof and steel cladding to the installing of even the windows and doors
  • Integrity and honesty are two business practices we regard very highly and we always use them effectively when we first meet with our clients.

Review of Structural Steel Fabricators Melbourne

Qingdao Director Steel Co., LTD has been very successful and continues to be actively engaged in the construction of various structured steel fabricated buildings locally and worldwide.

Nevertheless there are also other steel fabricators around the city of Melbourne and elsewhere in Victoria which are also active that are also prolific producers and users of fabricated steel. Let’s have a look at 10 of them:

Melbourne Structural Steel Pty Ltd

This company is a prolific producer of fabricated steel not only in the city of Melbourne but nationwide as well. It caters for different markets such as fabricated steel for residential houses and also provide its products for apartment buildings. Stairs are also an important target by the company as well as platforms and decks for production plantsl. It also involves itself in commercial projects and also produces steel roof trusses.

Austeel Australia Metal Fabrication

The main product for Austeel are its roof trusses for large buildings such as warehouses but it also gets involved in the production of steel tanks. One of its important areas is in the production and supply of storage silos and bins, as well as the construction of mezzanine floors. It also delves into framing of steel for commercial, industrial and residential construction projects that also include free standing handrails and staircases. It’s also adept at constructs fire escapes.

T & P Steel Fabrications

One of the most important products that emerge for steel fabrication are the trusses and T&P a true professional at forging roof trusses. It’s also a prolific producer of fabricated steel tanks that can be used in many different ways around Australia for storing products such as fuel as well as storage silos for essential food supplies such as wheat and rice not to mention storage bins for different uses.

NJ Steel Fabrications Melbourne

Being a steel fabricating company located in one of the main cities of Australia has inevitably led a company like NJ Steel to provide products such as Balustrades (Stainless steel), steel beams for structural support mainly for floors, roofs or other weight from above. Its expert production and supply of strong steel bracing ensure a herculean grip to construction joints. It doesn’t miss the importance of brackets for added support for shelves and other accessories and supplies steel to other builders. It also specializes in the production and supply of columns.

Victorian Steel Pty Ltd

Victorian Steel also specializes in the production,supply and installation of Balustrades (Stainless steel) products for residential homes and apartments especially in urban centers. Its steel beams and bracing items are indispensible parts of sturdy and strong buildings especially large steel buildings that require strong and durable braces. It also sees the virtue in supplying brackets for all kinds of buildings without ignoring the attractive value of galvanized handrails and pergolas that render any home attractive with their twisting vines. Railings of course add to the scenery.

THT Steel

When you are city dweller, it doesn’t really matter what you do or where you live, but security is of the essence and this is where THT comes in. It has the expertise to produce, supply and install structural steel. The fabrication of staircases is well within its territory to enlighten your home and facilitate ease of access. It can spot shops that need refurbishing and upgrading and it even gives a boost to the industrial sector. It has strong command over general fabrication to address most of the needs of city dwellers like yourself.

APR Structural Steel

APR has a unique situation of being located away from the main stream of steel fabrication and erection on the Mornington Peninsular in the state of Victoria. It engages in steel fabrication and erection of a variety of buildings.They also function as intermediate riggers and also as spotters. They also provide products for boilermakers and fitters on the Peninsular.

Atlas Steel Fabrication

The main production of Atlas Steel is Steel fabrication for the city of Melbourne and other markets. One of its main customers is the Melbourne Council Office which it supplies with its steel fabrication products. It’s also involved in religious work by supplying and installing steel fabricated products to St. Margret’s Church also in the city of Melbourne. Another of its customers is the Caltex Bowser.

PacifiCO Structural Steel

The provision of fabricated steel to different industrial companies is a priority mission for Pacifico steel with industrial warehousing as its main target. Another important client has been the various commercial officers that dot the country’s cities and urban sprawl. In addition the company also supplies needed fabricated steel for renovation and upgrading work to existing commercial premises and private residential homes and apartments. The education sector also attracts the services of Pacifico especially for the refurbishing of buildings and student classrooms. Health and the correctional facility sector also come under the attention of Pacifico as do structural projects.

Variset Pty Ltd

The attention of Variset has been has been given to the both the civil engineering sector and the construction sector with the supply and installation of its fabricated steel for renovating and upgrading civil structures such as bridges, waterways, museums and all construction structures often frequented by the civil populace. The steel fabricating company also provides products and extends services to hard landscaping and bridge building especially bridges made of steel. It also contributes to the construction of commercial structures and carries out maintenance work to parts of buildings such as stairways, rails and other building parts.

The best 5 Structural Steel Fabricators

When you are faced with the task of comparing structural steel fabricators to find out which companies are the best, it becomes an almost impossible task.


The reason is because companies in this commercial category tend to be very competitive in all areas of fabricating operations. Your hands are therefore almost tied behind your back when you compare companies on quality and price of their products.


The best yardstick for comparison in this case will and should boil down to only one aspect, that of location. Location should be key to comparison in this instance because it’s where everything is and where everything is happening. It is a boon for business!


It is where supplies come in on a sustainable basis because all transportation routes converge into it.  It is where demand is calling and immediately available. It is where development is booming.


It is where needed skills are welcomed and used to induce further expansion; it is where new ideas and concepts become a reality. It is where strong, durable and dependable structural steel fabrication provides a strong base for continued advancement into the future and beyond.


It is therefore on the foresight of the owners of the five companies in locating their companies (listed below), that we’ve selected them as being better than their business competitors. Here they are:

Melbourne Structural Steel Pty Ltd

NJ Steel Fabrications Melbourne

THT Steel

Atlas Steel Fabrication

Variset Pty Ltd


All the companies listed above are located in the city of Melbourne in Australia and all of them have sub locations elsewhere in the country and for now their location is the leveraging pivot of their operations. However, with more technological development streaming in, this can change dramatically. Who knows what will happen in 2050?