Structural steel mainly refers to a structure composed of steel plates, hot-rolled steel, thin-walled steel, steel pipes, and other components. And it is a structure mostly composed of steel materials.

Aapplication of structural steel in construction

  1. Application in large-span structures: large-span structures are mainly used to build large buildings such as aircraft assembly workshops, hangars, coal sheds, convention and exhibition centers, stadiums, and exhibition halls. Due to their large spans, the main problems faced by these buildings are Anti-seismic problem, and steel structure has excellent plasticity, toughness, strong seismic capacity, suitable for the construction of large-span structures. The main structural forms of large-span roofs include plane rod structure, space rod structure (which can be divided into a grid structure and reticulated shell structure), suspension cable structure, cable-rod-beam prestressed structure, and membrane structure.
  2. Application in the industrial plant: The steel structure of the industrial plant is generally a single-story frame structure, which is mainly used in an open hearth and converter workshops, mixer workshops and blooming workshops in metallurgical plants, and cast steel workshops and hydraulic press workshops in heavy machinery plants. , Forging workshops, etc.
  3. Application in multistory and high-rise buildings: The steel structure system in multistory and high-rise buildings can be divided into the following categories: frame structure system, frame-support system, partial tube structure system, and tube structure system. Among them, the frame structure system is the most basic. It can be divided into a semi-rigid connection and a rigid connection frame. The Frame-support system refers to the structure system that is composed of a frame and support system. Part of the cylindrical structure system includes supported The grooved cylinder and the combined cylinder of the grooved cylinder and the I-shaped open cylinder. The cylinder structure system includes an outer frame cylinder, a cylinder-in-cylinder, a bundled cylinder, and a giant supporting outer cylinder system.
  4. Application in towering structures: towering structures mainly refer to various tower buildings and mast buildings, such as TV towers, microwave towers, transmission line towers, drilling towers, radio wireless masts, and broadcast transmission masts.
  5. Application in bridge structure: Steel structure bridge mainly has the following categories: solid web beam structure, truss structure, arch or rigid frame structure, arch or beam truss combined structure, suspension structure, cable-stayed structure Structure, chain structure, etc.
  6. Application in plate and shell structure: The plate and shell structure refer to a structure composed of various plate units and shell units. In recent years, various steel plates have been widely used, such as various color steel composite panels and color profiled steel plates. The shell structure composed of a steel plate has a wider range of applications, such as gas storage, cooling tower, blast furnace, hot blast stove, oil tank, and various pipelines.
  7. Light steel structure: Light steel structure is divided into a light steel frame or frame support structure system. Because of its lightweight, it is particularly advantageous for earthquake resistance. It is suitable for medium and small span workshops, warehouses, and medium and small gymnasiums with a crane tonnage of fewer than 20 tons. Such large space civil buildings and temporary structures that need to be demolished.
  8. Mobile steel structure: due to its low weight and convenient movement, the steel structure can be used infrequently moving metal structures, such as bridge cranes, tower cranes, gantry cranes, cable cranes, loading, and unloading bridges, etc. Transport machinery and hydraulic gates, ship lifts, etc.
  9. Steel-concrete structure: Steel-concrete structure combines the advantages of steel structure and concrete structure. Its load-bearing system can be broadly divided into a composite floor system and composite beam-column system. Any building that can use steel structure and reinforced concrete structure, Steel-concrete structure can be adapted according to the analysis and comparison of comprehensive benefits.
  10. Other steel structures: In addition to the applications of the above-mentioned large-scale steel structures, steel structures can also be used in small structures such as various billboard brackets, urban sculptures, and architectural sketches.

Steel structure construction process

Construction preparation → raw material mining, inspection, entering the factory → blanking → production → inspection and calibration → pre-assembly → rust removal → anti-rust paint → inspection finished product number → component transportation → pre-part reinspection → steel column hoisting → steel beam Hoisting → purlin and support system installation → main body preliminary inspection → painting → roof panel installation → wall panel installation → door and window installation → inspection and acceptance